Fire Station Visit November 2018

Wow what a wonderful morning we had a Farnworth Fire station.

The fire fighters told us all about their job and how they help people. We used the fire hose and sat in the fire engine. It was FANTASTIC!

We would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to all the children in Reception class. Mrs Quarmby and Mrs Cowell are extremely proud of you all. Your behaviour today was outstanding! Well done.

Have you seen our Robot?

It’s been a very exciting day in Reception! Over the weekend someone sneaked in to school to play in the construction area. Thankfully Mrs Williams’ camera caught all the action…

We have been busy investigating today and have even made posters to ask the other children in school to help us find him! We wonder where he has gone.



Reception Heroes

This half term we are thinking about the heroes in our lives; the people that help us. We have been busy taking phone calls in our fire station and writing speeding tickets outside. We will be having some special visitors this half term to support our learning.