Year 6 Blue Science Day

Year Six Blue have spent our science investigation week looking at the significant work of 2 key scientists.  We have learnt about how significant Albert Einstein’s work was in the creation of the atomic bomb and how the work of Isaac Newton has helped us to understand more about how we see colour.

We carried out an investigation using colour filters to help us understand more about the 7 colours in our spectrum of light.  We even got to write secret messages which were only visible when using a specific colour of filter.  Finally we took part in a science workshop involving light and sound.

This has been a fantastic week and has inspired many potential scientists in the class.

Year 6 blue samba workshop

Year 6 Blue had their first workshop today as part of a 6 week programme to learn all about samba music.  They spent time examining the various instruments and learning the theories of samba music.  Over the next few weeks we will be learning several samba songs and performing them just before Christmas.

Year 6 Blue French Day

Today was French day and we took part in lots of activities in Year 6 Blue.  We made our own French picture dictionaries and also used a step-by-step artistic approach to draw the Eiffel Tower.  Finally, we visited the school French Café and the children tried a range of French food, including snails!  You can see the pictures below:


STEM Workshop Year 6 Blue

Today Year 6 Blue took part in a Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshop delivered by a high school from the Wirral.  Children were presented with a crime scene and had to use forensic science skills such as finger prints, chemical tests, microscopes, etc to determine what had happened.  This was a fantastic practical science activity and has definitely inspired some of the children to aim for a career in science in the future.

Year 6 Blue make periscopes

To start our science topic of light, Year 6 Blue were given a challenge to build their own periscopes using some of the principles of light they had learnt about earlier in their lesson.  It was an extremely challenging task, and a perfect chance for the children to implement some of the ‘growth mind set’ skills that we have been working on recently.  You can see some of the pictures below: