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TT Rock Star News Friday 17th July 2020


The winners of the End of Year Challenge are

Year 4 Green!!

They scored 10,132 with 13 children from the class taking part!

Mrs Curme is very proud of her class and the effort they have put into the TT Rock Star Battles all year, well done! Your prize will be waiting for you in Year 5 in September.


Well done to Noah in Y4G for his high score of 4633!


Huge well done to Jack L from Y5B for consistently being the highest scorer in his class, scoring 5183 this week!


Winning Class
Y6 G       8320

Jessica         2282

Y6B        3574

Kiera          2614

Y5B        8030

Jack L          5183

Y5G        1253

Harry       308

Y4G        10132

Noah          4633

Y4B       2194

Ellsie-Mai     874

Y3G         2228

Bobby         1550

Y3B      826

Milo        356

Y2G         383

Molly           135

Y2B      212

Alex         93

Y1G        916

Violet      678

Y1B         9

Edith            9


It’s been a ‘Green for Great’ week this week! You should all be very proud of yourselves for continuing on TT Rock Stars throughout Lockdown, your speeds and accuracy have been improving all the time.

There will be no more battles over the holidays, but don’t forget you can still challenge a teacher or a friend!

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you all in September for some more battles!


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