Welcome Year 6 Blue

Hello everyone,


We are all busy making sure everything is ready for your arrival tomorrow;   we are all really and super excited to get back into learning.

We have got so many exciting things planned for the year ahead.

Check out your classroom – all ready to be filled with learning and fun and amazing children…

We have your personalised pencil cases and books all ready.   We are starting a new whole school novel too – which I am certain you are going to love.


See you all tomorrow,

Mrs Buckley, Mrs Clegg, Mrs Hamnett, Miss Wharton and the rest of the team.

Hoodies and refund cheques

Dear parents

The hoodies are ready for collection.   Please collect either Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of this week from the school office.   Please bring the correct amount £16 – we are unable to offer change.

Robinwood refunds (cheque) are also available for collection from the school office Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of this week also from the school office.   You will need to sign for the cheque.

Please ensure you collect on one of these days so that we can reduce the number of people outside the school office.   Please do not wait until Monday as school will be very busy once the blue children are in.

If you have any questions please contact the school email.

Thank you everyone,

Mrs Buckley

Work over the coming weeks

Morning everyone.   Hope you’ve all had a lovely half term.
As we are planning our staged reopening, some of you will be returning to school over the coming weeks: some of you have chosen to stay home too.   It’s really important that you continue your learning so that you are ready for secondary school in September.
On Wednesday Mr Lane and I will be meeting to put our plan together for your learning over the next few weeks.   You will be able to access your work in 3 ways:
  • At school
  • At home using a computer with online tasks
  • At home with a printed pack
We will be putting together work packs with 6 weeks worth of learning, some of these will be secondary school transition tasks.  Children who are coming into school will have the packs as well, so that they can work from home when they aren’t in school.  These have been requested by some parents as they’s like you to be working on paper rather than on screen.
These will be ready for collection from the school office on Monday 8th June.   If you require a printed pack please contact Mrs Brown on the office email and she will let us know.
For this week – your tasks will be posted daily on the blog and purple mash.
We are really looking forward to seeing some of you next week and hope that those who we don’t see keep safe and happy.
Mrs Buckley and Mr Lane.