Sister Dorothy in Year 6 Blue

Sister Dorothy visited year 6 blue today.  She shared various versions of the bible and we discussed some of our favourite bible stories and quotes.  The children asked some fantastic questions and Sister Dorothy provided some insightful answers to help develop our faith.

You can see pictures below.

Year 6 Blue Healthy Minds Workshop

Year 6 blue took part in a healthy minds workshop today learning how exercise can help to improve our mental health.  We took part in some team games and discussed how we felt and how a growth mindset can help us if we lose.


Year 6 Blue make periscopes!

In Science today, Year 6 blue made periscopes as a hook into their new topic of light.  We discovered that light travels in a straight line and reflects from a mirror at the same angle it enters, and used these facts to try and create our own periscopes.

Green Carol Service

Year 6 Green led the Carol Service fantastically this afternoon with their wonderful readings. They were joined by the green classes from years two, three, four and five who all sang beautifully and got everyone in the Christmas spirit!