Hoodies and refund cheques

Dear parents

The hoodies are ready for collection.   Please collect either Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of this week from the school office.   Please bring the correct amount £16 – we are unable to offer change.

Robinwood refunds (cheque) are also available for collection from the school office Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of this week also from the school office.   You will need to sign for the cheque.

Please ensure you collect on one of these days so that we can reduce the number of people outside the school office.   Please do not wait until Monday as school will be very busy once the blue children are in.

If you have any questions please contact the school email.

Thank you everyone,

Mrs Buckley

Work over the coming weeks

Morning everyone.   Hope you’ve all had a lovely half term.
As we are planning our staged reopening, some of you will be returning to school over the coming weeks: some of you have chosen to stay home too.   It’s really important that you continue your learning so that you are ready for secondary school in September.
On Wednesday Mr Lane and I will be meeting to put our plan together for your learning over the next few weeks.   You will be able to access your work in 3 ways:
  • At school
  • At home using a computer with online tasks
  • At home with a printed pack
We will be putting together work packs with 6 weeks worth of learning, some of these will be secondary school transition tasks.  Children who are coming into school will have the packs as well, so that they can work from home when they aren’t in school.  These have been requested by some parents as they’s like you to be working on paper rather than on screen.
These will be ready for collection from the school office on Monday 8th June.   If you require a printed pack please contact Mrs Brown on the office email and she will let us know.
For this week – your tasks will be posted daily on the blog and purple mash.
We are really looking forward to seeing some of you next week and hope that those who we don’t see keep safe and happy.
Mrs Buckley and Mr Lane.


Hello again Y5!!

I’ve also added a science task for you, the same code works (fqc). See what you can remember about the different types of forces and how friction impacts on them.

Enjoy your learning today and if you can work outside in your garden, then go for it, a dose of Vitamin D is good for you.

Have fun

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch

TT rock stars battle news

TT Rock Star News Friday 3rd July 2020

What a week! We have had some fantastic results!! Check out the ‘End of Year Challenge’ after the results.

Huge well done to Jack L in Year 5 Blue scoring a massive 4477 of the total 4716 points for his class!

I’m proud to say it is ‘Green for Great’ classes winning 4 out of 6 battles!

The overall winners are Year 6 Green with a great score of 10,704 points. Congratulations!

Winning Class

Year 6 Green 10,704

Top Scorer: Aimee 2630

Year 6 Blue

Top Scorer: Kiera 265

Year 5 Blue 4716

Top Scorer: Jack L 4477

Year 5 Green

Top Scorer: Grace 915

Year 4 Green 6836

Top Scorer: Noah 4035

Year 4 Blue 904

Top Scorer: Liam 462

Year 3 Green 1032

Top Scorer: Bobby 498

Year 3 Blue 683

Top Scorer: Kara 263

Year 2 Blue 626

Top Scorer: Alex 201

Year 2 Green 104

Top Scorer: Finley 48

Year 1 Green 344

Top Scorer: Jesse 178


Year 1 Blue 320

Top Scorer: Thomas 244


End of Year Challenge Time!

I’ve had a look back through the scores over for the last year and the highest score was a massive

65,584 points

achieved by Year 4 Green back in March 2020 just before Lockdown.

This weeks battle will run until Friday 17th July which is the last day of term, giving you two weeks to try and beat the score. The class that manages to beat or even come close to this score will receive a TT Rock Star pencil each on their return to school in September.


Let the final battle commence…….









TT Rock Star News Friday 26th June 2020

This week the BLUE classes are the overall winner with 3 out of 5 winning the class battles, well done to you all!!

Year 4 Green are the over all winners with a total of 3462 points 🙂

Winning Class

Year 6 Blue 2257

Top Scorer: Daniel B 978

Year 6 Green

Top Scorer: Lucas-Jake 845

Year 5 Blue 1152

Top Scorer: Jack L 665

Year 5 Green

Top Scorer: Oliver J 58

Year 4 Green 3462

Top Scorer: Noah 1684

Year 4 Blue 1361

Top Scorer: Jenson 371

Year 3 Green

Top Scorer: Bobby 700

Year 3 Blue 208

Top Scorer: Harry 117

Year 2 Blue 751

Top Scorer: Joshua A 176

Year 2 Green

Top Scorer: Finlay B 27

Which colour class will win next week? 

Green for Great or Blue for Brilliant

Let the battle commence…..



TT Rock Star News Friday 19th June 2020

This week the Green classes have performed really well with 4 out of 6 winning the class battles, well done to you all!

Winning Class
Year 6 Green 4220

Top Scorer in class:  Cassie 857

Year 6 Blue 2951

Top Scorer in class: Willow 1055

Year 5 Blue 2263

Top Scorer in class:  Harrison 1226

Year 5 Green 1262

Top Scorer in class: Oliver 581

Year 4 Green 2500

Top Scorer in class:  Isabel 662

Year 4 Blue 1070

Top Scorer in class: Ellsie-Mai 469

Year 3 Green 1884

Top Scorer in class:  Lola-Grace 1106

Year 3 Blue 1884

Top Scorer in class: Keaton 1574

Year 2 Green 609

Top Scorer in class: Molly 215

Year 2 Blue 334

Top Scorer in class: Alice 75

Year 1 Blue 1087

Top Scorer in class:  Thomas 978

Year 1 Green 613

Top Scorer in class: Jesse 587


TT rock stars news Friday 12th June 2020


TT Rock Star Results are in.

Well Done to everyone who took part this week!

Amazing score for Year 4 Green who were the overall winners this week!

Top Scorer Winners
Daniel B Y6 Blue – 4985 Y6 Green – 995
Jack L Y 5 Blue – 3082 Y5 Green  – 623
Carlegh O Y4 Green – 6849 Y4 Blue – 1567
Bobby D Y3 Green – 1168 Y4 Blue – 946
Bonnie L Y2 Blue- 352 Y2 Green – 197
Logan T-K Y1 Green – 314 Y1 Blue – 90


“We are looking for a world record – the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!”

All you have to do is submit a video of yourself playing a Studio game with the highest score in the world by 23:59 on 4th June 2020.


Two more days to get your entries in, do we have a Guinness World Record Breaker here at St Peter’s?


Battle Results

This week the battle was Boys v Girls in each class, here are the results:

Year 3 BOYS Lucas
Year 3 GIRLS Lottie
Year 4 BOYS Harley
Year 4 GIRLS Sienna
Year 5 BOYS Xavier
Year 5 BOYS Oliver
Year 6 BOYS Lucas-Jake
Year 6 Girls Lily-Mae

Well done to every one who took part!

Who is taking on the challenge and having a go at being a Record Breaker??

Send your entries to support@mathscircle.com by Thursday 4th June,

send them to us also to superlearner@st-peters-farnworth.bolton.sch.uk so we can see how amazing you are!





***BIG NEWS***

Who would like to be in with a chance of being in the

Guinness Book of Records???

All you have to do answer as many questions as you can in one minute on Times Tables Rock Stars. To take part you have to get a world- beating score in a Studio game, capture you completing this on a video and send it to

support@mathscircle.com by the end of Thursday 4th June (11.59pm GMT)

We have lots of children who are already Rock Heros answering questions in less than 1 second, so have a go!

Please see the full details in the letter attached below:

Guinness World Records – TT Rock Stars – Letter to Pupils

Good afternoon everyone! TT Rock Star update.

We’re half way through the TT Rock Star battle. Lots of you have already taken part, here’s how many have taken part from each year group so far:
1st place: Year 4 – 33 players
2nd place: Year 5 – 27 players
3rd place: Year 3 – 22 players
4th place: Year 6 – 16 players

Well done! Will we have nearer to 60 children per cohort playing by the end of the battle? One week to go…..