Y5G’s SAM LAB programming.

Hi everyone. All the children at Y5G has been busy with Mrs Temmel and exploring the SAM LAB kit. Firstly, we have got an iPad  and she told us to hold a button beside each of our equipment. Have I told you that the “SAM lab” kit was named after it’s creator Sam? Everyone placed there equipment on the iPad.  With humor, the kit cost more than £100 as well as the iPad. After that, we used the RGB LED (red green blue led) and started to make an algorithm to power it up. With this algorithm we can use it to make are car . Later on , we made car wheels so our car can drive. Which car has no wheels! We assembled all of the parts for our car . However, we used from the input column a wheel controller. Finally, we could tilt the iPad to control our car!!! We want to say a huge thank-you to Mrs Temmel.

This blog post was by Hannah Y5G


ICT And Me: Minimized: Mobile games (Pt 1)

Around St. Peters, we see a lot of online games and activities in the ICT Suite, on the Ipads and even on the teacher’s computers! However, we rarely get to witness mobile games or apps within school during lunch, therefore in this minimized version of ICT And Me, we’ll be getting glimpse at some of the most trending mobile games, in or out of school.


Within our coding ICT lessons here at St. Peters, we love to use apps and games such as Alex to help us learn and understand the world of coding. Alex is a mobile app that teaches children how to program a robot (Alex) and put it into action, guiding Alex to the sapphire pad, within a stage. The game goes so far to even permit the children to create their own levels, for them and their friends to play through. Despite this astounding feature, not all items can be unlocked in the free version: they must be paid for. We hope they release them in the free version soon!

Pokemon shuffle

Although it may seem like a “rip-off” of the fan-favourite, Candy Crush, Pokemon Shuffle brings many new additions to the problem solving genre of games. It uses the lovable, adorable monsters from the Pokemon franchise as gimmicks for the game: certain Pokemon allow you to get more points. Furthermore, certain Pokemon are more effective against the opponent Pokemon in each level, as the opponent you are collecting points to defeat varies each level. A new addition to the genre is catching the opponent! Gotta catch them all!

Today’s ICT And Me installment may be short, but the next minimized blog post will be extended your knowledge of the trending apps and games, even further.

This blog post was made by Zack B from Y6B.

ICT and me: Valentines day digital celebrations!

Love is in the air once again here at St. Peter’s this Valentines day, all of our digital activities are being affected by it! Favourites (such as Purple Mash) have got into the romantic mood, as well as new games and activities on the horizon! And once again, it is I who shall inform you of these new attractions of the web, with a few popular activities that have found a place in our hearts this Valentines Day!

Cards and Poems

Purple Mash is once again up to date with it’s celebrations, as new and romantic activities have been added to the website. Valentine’s day cards are iconic traditions of this celebration, often confessing love and signing anonymous, and using a template, this activity makes it a breeze! (It’s probably a cold, February one, though!) Design, confess and make with kisses to your heart’s content! Another elating addition to Purple Mash’s Valentine’s update is the ability to write Valentine’s acrostic poems! Spell out how much you love someone with this activity and make every letter about them! Oh, it’s so romantic!

A Compatible Match

If you’re a fan of the classic card matching game, PrimaryGames’ Valentines Card Match game is just for you! Despite it’s simple looks and rules, this rebooted classic is catchy and colourful! 18 cards spread across a table, 9 pairs of cards, a whole rainbow of colours to pick up and memorize! Unlike the original, if you choose and incompatible pair, they both go down instead of one! How cheeky!

Secrets out of the box

Oh no! You were on the way to deliver some chocolates to your valentine when you trip, fall and all of the chocolates come out! Does that situation sound familiar? That’s the plot of ABCYa’s Valentine’s day puzzle. This online game is equipped with audio and easy to understand controls and a very rewarding prize for completing each level, eating your valentine’s chocolates! Yes, all 13 chocolates! I’m sure our valentine will not be very happy with us! Valentine’s day puzzle provides fun and elating levels for us, each a bit trickier than the last!

This Valentine’s day been a blast so far at St. Peter’s with these past 4 digital wonders, who knows what over romantic activities are out there on the World Wide Web? Only the future will tell us!

This blog post was created by Zack from Y6B

ICT and Me: Digital Controversial Activity of the Week!

A  game craze has been swooping over St. Peter’s minds the past week, unlocking a newfound love for an online game. Popular among those who love quizzes and trivia, The Impossible Quiz is an online game game that throws all logic out of the computer screen! Due to the catchy background music, perplexing questions and over 100 possible answers altogether, may would believe that The Impossible Quiz would surely win a Digital Activity of the Week award! Most of the answers are bizarre with ludicrous questions to accompany them such as, What is the square route of onion? and What flavour is cardboard? However, many teachers believe that it is unsuitable, therefore earning it the Digital Controversial Activity of the Week!

Why might adults disapprove of this activity?

Believe it or not, deep into the many mind-boggling questions of the quiz, lie a few adult words that are not suitable for primary school pupils, or even many high school ones in fact. Even though the questions they appear in may seem harmless and far away from rude (such as, Which of these places to not exist? which features over 6 adult words), the answers given are much more likely to appear on a late night game show for 16+. Staff at St. Peter’s have tried their very best to assure the parents that their children are not playing it by banning it from computers. Despite this, The Impossible Quiz has been used on many online sites that need Flash to run, still enabling the possibility to play the game.


The Impossible Quiz has received a lot of attention from the students at the school (despite being merely impossible to beat, I guess that’s where it got its name) and many adults are glad the children haven’t found a way to get to the inappropriate questions yet.


This blog post was written by Zack from Y6B.

ICT and me: Lunchtime trends

It’s been a whopping week here at St. Peter’s; the whole school is going wild over digital activities! Just like our actions, digital games and activities can reflect what we love, feel and create. Keep up with the trends that have swooped over the school with this astounding blog update!

Keeping at the top of the charts as usual, TT Rockstars is once again teaching pupils further on how to perform the hardest of times tables! Mrs. Williams has set our school a challenge, to get over 170 pupils on TT Rockstars! Over 150 have logged on, however not everyone is on yet! It’s time to get those fingers tapping those answers!

Another recently popular game in the ICT suite is the online game of Running Fred. The game seems to be on the mind of many children, as pupils seem to be rushing on as so

on as they enter the club! It seems to be similar to Temple Run, but with some major differences. Despite all of the game’s popularity within the school, our Digital Leaders are not as fond of the game as the pupils and would not recommend it.

Purple mash is full of great games to help educate students, such as 2Code and 2Animate. However, none is as iconic as the famous 2Paint. Experiment with some of these games and leave the adults to their more mature themes.

Check back next week for the next Digital Leader update.

This blog was posted by Zack (Year 6 Digital Leader).