Y5G’s SAM LAB programming.

Hi everyone. All the children at Y5G has been busy with Mrs Temmel and exploring the SAM LAB kit. Firstly, we have got an iPad  and she told us to hold a button beside each of our equipment. Have I told you that the “SAM lab” kit was named after it’s creator Sam? Everyone placed there equipment on the iPad.  With humor, the kit cost more than £100 as well as the iPad. After that, we used the RGB LED (red green blue led) and started to make an algorithm to power it up. With this algorithm we can use it to make are car . Later on , we made car wheels so our car can drive. Which car has no wheels! We assembled all of the parts for our car . However, we used from the input column a wheel controller. Finally, we could tilt the iPad to control our car!!! We want to say a huge thank-you to Mrs Temmel.

This blog post was by Hannah Y5G


A review of Webster’s Bedtime by Corey

A review of Webster’s Bedtime

by Corey (Y5 Digital Leader)

This book is about turning your electronic devices off before bed. If you don’t, your electronics won’t have any charge on them when you want to use them.

The book says that all the electronics moan, but it says the tablet had a bad dream so Webster put it in its case because you should put all your stuff away so you don’t lose them.

It says the TV is snoring really load so Webster muted the TV. Laptop complains that computer is making loads of noise, and that means when you leave your computer on too long it makes a strange noise.

Webster is small spider with 8 legs. He must be a sensible spider because he does what is right for his electronics.

Verdict: I really enjoyed the book. Remember, turn your electronics of before bed!