E-Safety Champions in action

Our Digital Leaders met this morning for an E-Safety Champions meeting. They discussed what they have been doing so far to help their classes with online safety and shared ideas about online gaming and YouTube privacy settings. Finally, they helped to prepare an E-Safety questionnaire for each class to complete this week.

This afternoon, Digital Leaders from Year 6 visited Year 5 Green to present their questionnaire and talk a little about their role in school.

Keep up the hard work!

E-Safety Champions

A number of our Digital Leaders travelled to Bolton SICT today to be trained as E-Safety Champions! They explored all the difficulties children may face online, including online bullying and over-sharing personal information.

Now they are ready to take on their new role as E-Safety role models in school. They can’t wait to share their learning with everyone.

Welcome to St Peter’s Digital Leaders Blog

Welcome to our  Digital Leader’s Blog. In this blog we – the digital leaders will be sharing school news, debates, we will listen to what our peers what us to blog about and we will lead the blog posts in this area.

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our English skills. We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is the potentially the whole of the world wide web.

We would really appreciate you leaving comments as to what you would like us to blog about .

The Digital Leaders Team