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Click on the link below for the parent guide to the FSM e voucher scheme and how to use them.


Thursday 9th April 2020

School daily  bulletin 9.4.20 from Mrs Williams

Wednesday 8th April 2020

School daily  bulletin 8.4.20 from Mrs Williams

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Download here LW bulletin 7.4.20

Good morning everyone,

I hope today’s bulletin finds you well and you are continuing to follow the instructions of the Government to stay at home and to stay safe, thus maximising the capacity of the NHS to do their job.

The daily bulletin from Bolton Council can be found here.

Home learning

As I have previously mentioned, the staff are busy putting together timetables of work for you to do with links to many activities. These posts and links are for those of you that want them, with the ultimate aim of helping you and your child. Please don’t feel in any way obliged to do all of the work that we are setting and please don’t feel that you have to fill all your days with it. We are all in new territory here and will all need to find a way to make it work. How that works will be different in every house and may in fact be different for you each day. It is important to do some maths and some reading every day, and then beyond that everything is a bonus. That is completely Ok. We are all dealing with a lot of new things at the moment and we understand the pressures that many of you are under. We also realise that you are not teachers, you do not have multiple laptops or tablets and you have mixed age children at home. Don’t worry – we will help all we can, but as I said yesterday, please do not see this time as learning lost but more as an opportunity to learn differently, learn new things , spend time together as a family and enjoy the world around you.

The Dfe have put together a list of recommended web links to support you with learning at home. This list can be found here and can also be accessed via our central home learning hub, which can be found here.

The BBC are also putting together an entire series of home learning activities, beginning Monday 20th April. BBC bitesize will publish daily on line lessons for all ages, alongside a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content.

Free School meals

The administrative part of the system is now all set up and vouchers for £15 per eligible FSM child will arrive in your email inbox on Friday 10th April. Some schools are reporting that the voucher went in to junk inboxes, so please look out for an email from a ‘’ email address on Friday, and each Friday thereafter.

We also continue to be able to offer foodbank vouchers and also have some food parcels donated to school from Heinz and Magic breakfast. Please do not go hungry. If you need any support at all please contact school and we will do all we can to help.

Important information about food supplied by Magic Breakfast can be found below. It is important that you check the packaging for information related to any allergies your child may have.

Dear Magic Breakfast Partner School,

We would like to share some important information about cereals, bagels and beans supplied by Magic Breakfast:


We are pleased to inform you that Magic Breakfast will be introducing three new cereals over the coming weeks as part of our breakfast offering;

These are:

  • Kellogg’s Kids Blueberry, Apple and Beetroot Multigrain Shapes
  • Kellogg’s Kids Strawberry, Apple and Carrot Multigrain Shapes
  • Weetabix Original Wheat Biscuits

You may have received the Kellogg’s cereal in your delivery this week.

The new cereals have been carefully chosen to ensure they provide the necessary nutrition for growing bodies and minds. Each cereal adheres to School Food Standards recommendations and contain lower fat, lower sugar and lower salt content. They are also a good source of fibre, which is important for optimal digestion and sustained energy levels.


As the New York bagels are currently supplied in supermarket style packs, they are fully labelled and have a best before date. In case the bagels arrive close to the best before date, we would like to draw your attention to Food Standards Agency advice:

The best before date, sometimes shown as BBE (best before end), is about quality and not safety. The food will be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best. Its flavour and texture might not be as good. 

You may wish to advise parents that they can freeze the bagels (if possible) at home and take from the freezer individually as needed.


Please could you remind parents to read the label on the large cans and to ensure that once opened, beans for the next day should go into a suitable airtight container in the fridge and not be stored in the tin.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

With all best wishes to you and your families,  Magic Breakfast

Key worker children

School continues to be open to allow the children of our keyworkers to attend their job and ensure the rest of us are taken care of us, should we require the services of the NHS.

Please be reminded of the rules around accessing this service

It guidance states;

  • Critical workers include NHS staff & police who need to be able to go out to work.
  • Children with a parent or carer who is listed on the government’s critical worker list should be considered for a school place.
  • If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. That is why the government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

Please pay particular regard to the last bullet point. The safest place for children to be is at home. This child care service must be used as a last resort only. Your cooperation with this will ensure all our staff and children can be kept safe. Thank you.

Please provide as much notice as possible if you require this service, so that staff ratios can be calculated. If you are aware that your circumstances are due to change please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reduce the number of staff in school accordingly.

Keeping in touch

There continues to be a member of the school leadership team on site each day. They can be contacted on 01204 333090.

The office email account is also checked regularly

The school text messaging service is also checked each day.

The school twitter account can also be used to share your good news stories with us and show us all the fantastic things you are doing at home. Please remember however this is a public arena and things you post can be seen by many many followers. Online safety rules must be adhered to at all times. @stpetersfarn

Thank you to everyone who is leaving comments on the class blogs. Teachers will respond as often as possible this week, but with increased frequency next week. Thanks also to the lovely comments I have received regarding the school assembly yesterday. This can be found here. Your comments ‘made my day’ – it was good to know that you were all out there joining in with me.

Mrs Williams

Monday 6th April 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope today’s bulletin finds you well and you are continuing to follow the instructions of the Government to stay at home and to stay safe, thus maximising the capacity of the NHS to do their job.

Home learning

This would ordinarily have been the second week of the Easter holidays and yesterday was Palm Sunday. Consequently, the teachers are currently not setting any official on line learning activities, although they are busy in the background putting together a timetable of on line activities, to commence next week. The timetable can be accessed through the specific class blogs but all our on line learning is accessible through this single point of entry – please click here.

I have also heard reports that the BBC are setting up a  dedicated home learning channel, screening learning activities through the standard TV channel. I shall provide you with more information about this as I receive it.

Bolton council

Each week day Bolton Council places a daily bulletin on its website. These bulletins contain lots of useful information particularly relevant to the Bolton area. The bulletins can be found here.

Bolton council have also launched a community response line, for those people who need vital help with food or other essential items. The number is 01204 337221 and is staffed 8.30-5.30 Monday – Friday and 9-1.30 on Saturday.

Free School Meals

We are now at the point where we are ready to upload the email addresses of those families entitled to FSM to the Government website responsible for co-ordinating the FSM voucher scheme.

Once uploaded the £15 FSM voucher will be sent to those eligible on Friday of this week, and then each Friday thereafter on a rolling programme. These vouchers can be exchanged for food at most major super markets, although I believe ALDI is not yet a registered provider. Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA, however, all support the scheme.

There have been some discrepancies with the eligibility list for some parents with younger and older siblings. It is important that ALL your children are registered with the council. Just because your older child is eligible, there is not an automatic registration for the younger sibling. You must inform the council and register the younger child. Once that happens the eligibility will be checked and school will be informed and additional vouchers will be issued for the younger sibling from the date of registration.

School blogs

If you wish your child to make contact with the class teacher the best way to do this is via the school blog comment section. Some children have already begun to send their teacher messages this way. The teachers will respond as soon as possible (this will increase further next week once the Easter holidays have passed)

Monday morning worship

This morning I recorded an assembly and place it on the Shine team blog. You can find it here. It would be lovely if you were to watch it and leave me a comment to let me know you how you are doing. I will post a comment back to you as soon as possible.

Finally it is important to try to reframe our thinking at this time – turn the situation we are in into a positive rather than a negative. This time is not an interruption to our life, it is a time to make something of our life – learn a new skills, skip, bake, plat some seeds, knit, sing! Remember to share with us all the things you are doing at @stpetersfarn on twitter.

I often say to the children; “ dont waste this moment by wishing for the future”. This time will pass and will pass quickly if we all adhere to the Government guidelines, and we shall look back on this period of time as an event history. Make sure you spend the time productively. You only get today once – spend it well.

Contact us

There continues to be a member of the school leadership team on site each day. They can be contacted on 01204 333090.

The office email account is also checked regularly

The school text messaging service is also checked each day.

The school twitter account can also be used to share your good news stories with us and show us all the fantastic things you are doing at home. Please remember however this is a public arena and things you post can be seen by many many followers. Online safety rules must be adhered to at all times. @stpetersfarn


Take care

Mrs Williams

Friday 3.4.20

Daily Bulletin – 2 April 2020 from Bolton Council

Good morning

I hope you are all well.

Firstly may I say a big thank you to those of you who joined in with the big clap last night. Whilst clapping the amazing NHS workers, it was also lovely to acknowledge the hard work of the teachers and support staff who are offering a child care service, as we are, to allow those key workers to go out to work and do their crucial work in our community.

Free School Meals

Our new business manager has been working really hard in the background, ensuring all the administration is set up, so that we can issue the free school meal vouchers from next Friday. We have now received almost all of the email addresses that we need to be able to issue your voucher directly to your in box. These email addresses are almost ready to be uploaded to the Government on line voucher service and your vouchers should be available at the later end of next week.

There may well be some technical glitches, there usually is when we introduce anything new, but your patience and understanding is really appreciated. For those people who have contacted school, I trust we have been able to answer your queries to your satisfaction. This is new territory for us all, but so far we seem to be navigating our way through without too many issues.

Home learning

As previously mentioned, the teachers are busy putting together standard timetables of work for when we return after the Easter break. The main hub for accessing the on line learning will be the school website and blogs. The central landing page to access all our resources is here.

From this central page you can link off to all the class blogs and other on line resource pages.

Communication with teachers is also centralised around the blog for most classes, although the reception team will also continue to use tapestry to communicate with you.

We have also added some lovely activities to the music blog, which can be accessed through the link above and then clicking on the music button.

There are some lovely songs on there that you could learn at home. Singing is a great way of lifting the spirits, so if you do learn one of the songs we would love to see a clip of you ‘raising the roof’ through song.

Year 6

We have had a number of emails from parents regarding the end of term arrangements for the year 6 children. We totally understand the way you are feeling and the general uncertainty of moving on to high school is somewhat exacerbated this year with all the additional uncertainties of these times. Please be assured however we shall do all we can to keep you informed and communicate with you as things progress.

We have been in touch with the company that produce our leavers hoodies and they are currently not manufacturing, as they are following Government guidelines around safe distancing. Once we have a clearer picture of when they intend to resume production we shall put an ordering system together and shall get the details to you. The Year 6 staff team will organise this.

In the meantime please encourage your children to appreciate the present and not worry too much about the future. We shall support you all we can, when we know more, and we shall work very hard to make this time as trouble free as possible.

There continues to be a member of the school leadership team on site each day. They can be contacted on 01204 333090.

The office email account is also checked regularly

The school text messaging service is also checked each day.

The school twitter account can also be used to share your good news stories with us and show us all the fantastic things you are doing at home. Please remember however this is a public arena and things you post can be seen by many many followers. Online safety rules must be adhered to at all times. @stpetersfarn

As always your support is appreciated.

Thursday 2.4.20

Morning everyone

I hope you are all well.

Yesterday I uploaded an article to the school app called;

A Children’s guide to Coronavirus. This document is also available on line and can be found clicking here.

It may be that you are also feeling anxious. 10 helpful tips for managing anxiety can be found here.

Last year our digital leaders worked with Mr Dunn and made a video called Colour the World with Kindness. The message it portrays is that kindness is an important gesture and one that can make the world feel like a better and brighter place. It might be worth taking another look at this with your children this week and talking about how we can work together to spread some kindness. The video can be found on our school You Tube channel here.

Earlier this year our Year 6 children wrote a school song called Learn Sparkle and Shine. We’d love to see you all singing along to this at home. The video can be found here. Why not play it and send us a photo or a video of you all singing along and joining in.

Videos and photos can be sent to and I shall put them on our school twitter feed to spread some sparkle and shine across the community. Let’s start a wave of sparkle and shine!

Free School meals

We are busy in the background organising the administration for the roll out of the FSM voucher scheme. We now have the email addresses of approximately 100 families that are registered for FSM. The vouchers will be sent out by email to those that are entitled to FSM, at the end of next week. If we do not have your email address please contact school as soon as possible to update us. Vouchers can be printed and posted, although this is not the most secure option, as things may get lost in the post and once issued vouchers cannot be replaced. The preferred method of distribution is via email – therefore it is important that you register your email address with us asap. Thank you.

Summer term learning

The teaching staff are currently working on creating an online timetable with links to activities that you can access at home. These timetables will go live on the class blogs later next week, after the Easter holidays. The class blog will then become the main method of communicating with the teachers. Comments can be made and the teachers will respond via the blog. It is important to remember that these comments will be seen by both myself and the class teacher and therefore appropriate standard english should be used at all times. Some children are already engaging with their teachers in this way, which is lovely to see. As it is officially the holidays, the teachers may not yet reply immediately. All comments are moderated so they will also not go live immediately.

It is also lovely to see that many of you are listening to the bedtime stories that the teachers have recorded for you. They can be found here.

Please ensure you are aware at all times of the way your child is operating on line; who are they chatting to, which sites are they visiting? Their online safety is vitally important at this time.

There continues to be a member of the school leadership team on site each day. They can be contacted on 01204 333090.

The office email account is also checked regularly

The school text messaging service is also checked each day.

The school twitter account can also be used to share your good news stories with us and show us all the fantastic things you are doing at home. Please remember however this is a public arena and things you post can be seen by many many followers. Online safety rules must be adhered to at all times. @stpetersfarn

As always your support is appreciated.

Take care

Mrs Williams

Wednesday 1.4.20

Good morning everyone

I hope this message finds you well. As we move forward with each day I hope you are able to stay positive and assured that we move closer to these strange times being behind us.

In the weeks before we broke up our school theme was this;

Whatever we practise grows stronger; practise peace, love and kindness every day.

I hope your children are demonstrating this theme in action and are learning how to show kindness to others. It is important to talk to your children about how we can all help each other and work together for the good of our whole community, so we can emerge stronger and more united than ever.

Free school meal update;

Yesterday the Government announced a FSM voucher scheme. All children that are entitled to benefits related free school meals (not Ks1 universal free school meals), are now entitled to a shopping voucher to the value of £15 per week, per child, during term time.

These vouchers will be emailed to you each week, and can be spent on food at a range of supermarkets, including Tesco, Morrisions and Asda. The vouchers will be sent via email.

This, therefore, requires us to have access to your email address. If you have not already done so, please send an email to with your child’s name and year group and class. Your email address will then be added to the database so that the FSM voucher can be forwarded on to you. Please note this only applies to those children eligible for free school meals. This does not apply to the general population of Ks1 children who usually get their school dinner free of charge; it is only those children who get benefits related FSM.

If you have not already applied for free school meals, it may be prudent to do so now, to check your eligibility. Please ring Farnworth One stop shop, who will advise you further.

Once we have your email address stored in the database, the voucher distribution will begin next Friday, and will be sent each week thereafter.

Please be assured your email address will not be used for other purposes in line with data protection arrangements.

Our new school business manager is busy working at home, getting all the administration set up, so we will be good to go next week.

Please note we do not need the email addresses of those not entitled to FSM.


Home learning

The teachers are currently putting together a weekly timetable of learning and consolidation activities for your children to access after the holidays. These activities will be in the form of a daily/weekly timetable with links to activities and websites, which will be added to your child’s class blog.

The basic timetable will look the same for most classes, but there will be some differences in the tasks set by the teachers, for the different year groups. These will be arriving on the class blogs after the holidays.

The blog will then become the central hub for communication with your child’s class teacher. Comments can be added to the post and work can be shared. This is a safe on line environment for your child to engage with and will be monitored by the teachers and myself daily. Please continue to remind your children about on line safety and appropriate language and behaviour to use whilst on line. If they wouldn’t say it to Mrs Williams, then don’t say it on line, is the general message.

Parents and children can access on line safety support here.

Our bedtime story blog now has many new stories added. Thank you to those people who have left a comment – it is nice to know you are accessing them. It is a nice way to see your teachers too (Ks1)

Take care and remember there is a member of the SLT on site every day, if you need anything please ring the office number

01204 333090

Best wishes

Mrs Williams


We’re half way through the TT Rock Star battle. Lots of you have already taken part, here’s how many have taken part from each year group so far:
1st place: Year 4 – 33 players
2nd place: Year 5 – 27 players
3rd place: Year 3 – 22 players
4th place: Year 6 – 16 players

Well done! Will we have nearer to 60 children per cohort playing by the end of the battle? One week to go…..

Tuesday 31.3.20

Good morning everyone

I hope this message finds you well.

It has been announced this morning that vouchers to the value of £15 per week, per child, will be available during term time for those children eligible for benefit related free school meals.

These vouchers will be distributed to you each week via email, following the Easter holidays.

We are currently in the process of managing the administrative systems, behind the scenes that will allow us to do this, as we currently do not hold any of your email addresses in our data base due to GDPR.

Don’t worry though, we are working on this and shall be ready to get these vouchers to you before the holidays end.

An alternative would be to collect the voucher directly from school, however, this is not our preferred option at the moment, as this would mean you having to come in to school, which works against the cross contamination risks that we are trying so hard to avoid.

Please be patient, as we work through these issues and trust that we shall ensure this scheme is available to you all.

In the meantime, if you are currently not registered as eligible for free school meals, and your circumstances have changed it may be worth checking your eligibility by clicking on this link.

Please keep an eye on your text messages, the APP and the ‘latest news’ area for further details.

On another note we continue to provide a care service for those children of key workers. It is vital that this service is used as a last resort only, and if any other arrangements could be made, then they should be made. The safest place for your child to be is at home, with a minimum risk of interacting with others. This is the best way to bring a swift conclusion to this current outbreak, by limiting the people that we interact with. Please support your school, your community and your country by only asking us to care for your child in exceptional circumstances. Your employer should be supporting you with this.

Take care and best wishes,

Mrs Williams

Monday 30.3.20

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe and following the stay at home guidance published by the government. As we are continually reminded, if we all work together as a community and follow this guidance, the sooner these restrictions may be lifted. Please play your part; unless there is an absolutely essential reason to go out you should be at home.

Although it would now normally be the Easter holidays, school remains open to provide essential care for key worker staff. I must continue to specify however that this must be for essential purposes only and must only be used as a last resort. The number of children and staff in school must be kept to a minimum to ensure the safety of all.

Free school meals are not available during the holidays. Bolton LA are continuing to look into providing an on line voucher system for when the FSM service continues after the holidays. As soon as we have more information we shall let you know.

In the meantime however we are able to authorise emergency food parcels through Farnworth and Kearsley food bank. If you feel you need an emergency food parcel, please TEXT the school and our business manager Mrs Brown will organise for you to receive a code that can be exchanged at the food bank.

As it is the school holidays the teachers will not be setting tasks on purple mash this week, nor next. Our learning at home pages on the website however continue to be live and accessible should you need access to any worksheets or ideas of things to do whilst at home. The link to this page is here.

Be sure to scroll down the page for the ‘pick n mix’ suggested activities.

Tasks for the children to do, (set by the teachers on tapestry or purple mash) along with a suggested timetable for each day with links to on line activities, will recommence after the holidays.

During this time we realise that children may well be spending more time on line than usual. It is important that you talk to your child about the sites they are visiting, the people they are chatting to and the things they ae doing. If you have any concerns about on line safety at all, the following agencies are able to provide very good advice and support. Please contact them if you are at all concerned.

If you wish to contact school the best way is via the office email or text.  A member of the SLT is also available on site every day this week.

Please take care

Stay home, stay safe, protect the key workers

Best wishes

Mrs Williams

Friday 27.3.20

As we come to the end of what has been an extraordinary week I want to begin by saying how proud I am to work in such a fantastic community, with some of the most amazing staff and parents in the country. The way the St. Peter’s community have pulled together is truly outstanding and something for which I am very grateful.

The pictures below were taken this morning on our school playground. Whilst you may not be able to see them in person just yet, I hope these images will make you smile.

Next week would ordinarily be the Easter holidays and therefore you can quite rightly offer your children a break from their home learning. Staff will not be expecting children to work their socks off over the next two weeks, although the online tasks that have been set will still be available should you wish to carry on with them. It seems many of the children are having great fun learning at home. I’ve seen some fantastic pictures  – you are all doing a great job.

School staff also deserve a break and whilst we will maintain contact with you as much as possible, this may be less frequently than our normal service. We will however do our best to ensure texts, emails and phone calls are answered and your worries and concerns addressed as far as possible. School will be open every day and a member of the leadership team will be on site should you need us.

For those families entitled to free school meals, please note that this service will stop for the next two weeks. The LA are continuing to work hard to organise a voucher scheme, which should be available to roll out, once the Easter break is over. I shall keep you informed as much as possible.

School will continue to provide a key worker service over the next two weeks. Again, however,  I stress this must be used as a last resort and only if all other options have been considered and explored. This is not free childcare, this is an essential service for those key workers who are vital in the fight against COVID 19, and for whom there is no alternative. The service is staffed by the  school team and I have to also consider their health and safety. Consequently, we are operating with the minimum number of staff on site as possible. This means we need the minimum number of children  – the safest place for all our children to be is at home.

Our bedtime stores blog has been updated with some new stories for you to share at home. Click here to visit the site.

Our school twitter account is also a fun way of sharing things with us  and us with you. Please follow us and share your stories with us. We really enjoy seeing what you are getting up to. @stpetersfarn obviously this is just for social communication. Matters of a more important nature should be shared through our normal email, telephone or text service.

On a final note, today we say goodbye to Miss Corbishley, who leaves St. Peter’s for pastures new. We wish her well.

Take care

Mrs Williams

Thursday 26.3.20

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. We have now received further information about FSM, albeit rather limited.

The information we currently have is that FSM will not be provided during the next two weeks, as that would have been the Easter holidays and FSM are not normally provided during holidays. The Government are working very hard to put together a voucher scheme, which will mean you get credit to purchase food at a local supermarket. This scheme is not yet ready to roll out, but it is very likely to be ready at the point at which the holidays would have ended. We shall keep you informed as more specific details emerge. FSM grab bags continue to be available for collection from school for the next two days, f0r those who have requested them between 11.30 and 12.30.

We continue to provide our key worker service as normal. Children of key workers are requested to bring a packed lunch on the days they are in school.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.


Wednesday 25.3.20

16;33 update Free School Meals A parent has just contacted school saying she has received a text message saying “School will be closing, if you are entitled to Free School Meals please send your bank details.  We will ensure you are supported.” THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT RESPOND.

FSM are currently available from school as a grab bag between 11.30-12.30 each day. If this changes you will get updated information here and on the school APP. The LA are working hard to ensure FSM are provided during normal school time and we shall let you know if anything changes.

Morning everyone. I hope you are all OK and keeping in good spirits. Many thanks once again for your ongoing cooperation in ensuring you keep your children safe at home. Please remember the advice of the Government, that children should not be gathering on public parks and should be keeping a safe distance from others, in order to protect their own health and that of others, whom they may then come in to contact with.

On another matter, it seems we may have a glitch in our school app. Whilst I have deleted all the events in the calendar it seems to be that some notifications are still being sent out. Obviously, please ignore them. I apologise for this, please bear with us whilst this issue gets sorted.

FSM grab bag lunches continue to be available from school between 11.30 –  12.30 each day.

Please continue to let us know, by booking in via text, email or phone if you will require our key worker care service. If you initially thought you may need this service, and hand in ID, but have now managed to make alternative arrangements, please confirm this with school asap, so that our school staff rotas can be kept to a minimum in accordance with government guidance on staying home.

Thank you. Mrs L Williams

Tuesday 24.3.20

16;41 Thank you for all your co-operation. We have now been able to readjust our staff rota so that we can continue to offer a service to you, whilst doing our best to keep our own staff safe and have fewer numbers in school. Your support is appreciated at this very difficult time.  Just to remind you the booking for the next day must be done by 4pm the previous day. This will allow us to ensure our staff ratios are appropriate but minimised. Thank you.

We are also awaiting advice from the LA regarding free school meals. At the moment we are making ‘grab bags’ in the kitchen which can be collected between 11.30 and 12.30 each day.  Should this change we shall let you know as soon as possible.


Following the announcement from the Prime Minister last night, school will continue to provide an essential service to those critical front line key workers who require child care to enable them to carry out their vitally important role. All other children MUST stay at home and stay safe. In order to keep staff numbers in school to a minimum we are now asking that you let us know in advance if you will need this service by ringing, texting or emailing the school office before 4pm on the previous day. This will allow us to maintain safe staff numbers, whilst allowing more of our school staff to stay at home. If you have completed a registration form but now feel you will not use the service, as you have made alternative arrangements, then please let school know, again so that we can adjust staff numbers accordingly.

As a matter of urgency if you will need our service at some point today please ring school as soon as possible this morning.

Thank you.

Monday 23.3.20

Free school meals

Grab bags are available from the school office from 11.30-12.30 each day, for those children who are entitled to FSM and have informed that office that a ‘grab bag’ is required. Thank you.

Sunday 22.3.20

School is officially closed.Please follow this flow chart very carefully and give great very careful consideration as to whether you should be sending your child to school.


Saturday 21.3.20

Information about Monday; School is officially closed. School will provide a child care service with the following restrictions;

– the intention is for schools to be as empty as possible

– this is to maximise social distancing and minimise the possibility of the virus spreading through the community.

– the intention is that the vast majority of children will be at home

– children of key workers can attend if the family are not self isolating, proof of key worker status has been provided and there is absolutely NOBODY else that can have them.

This service can only be provided if the staff are fit and well. Please ensure you use this service appropriately and as an absolute last resort so that we can all be protected and stick together as a community. Thank you.

Friday 20.3.20

17;31 Thank you

As we close the school for an indefinite period I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your patience, support and understanding during what has been a very difficult time.

Throughout the forthcoming weeks either myself, Mrs Scott or Mrs Williams deputy will be on site each day (should we be fit and well to do so) and you are very welcome to contact us via the office email address.

The school office will be open for limited hours, but will be open for some hours each day – again assuming the staff are fit and well to do so.

Mrs Percival will also be available each day to answer any concerns you may have .

Your support has been amazing – thank you all so much

Take care

Mrs Williams

12;47 Important information for children on FSM.

Dear Parent / Carer

As you know, school is closing today for most children. However, the government still wants to make sure that children who are eligible for free school meals are fed.

Our kitchen staff are going to make up packed lunches every day. If you would like to come and collect a lunch for your child / children, please text the office today so that numbers can be estimated. Please provide the name of your child on the text  and state YES free school meal please, or NO school meal not required.

This only for children on statutory free school meals, not KS1 children who are on universal free school meals.  If you dont know if your child in on FSM, then please contact the office as we have a list.

Those children allowed to attend our key worker provision, (i.e., have been in to school with proof and have been allocated a place) will also be provided with a packed lunch. it is unlikely that your child will be entitled to FSM as you are a key worker, therefore this packed lunch will cost the normal school meal price. Alternatively your child can bring their own packed lunch.

Thank you.