Remote learning information – commencing Wednesday 6th January 2021

Please see below for the remote learning plan for the next few weeks, commencing tomorrow Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Firstly don’t worry! Your learning can still carry on. It is important that you do some learning every day, as if you were at school, and maintain a school routine.

The following programme will form the basis of your learning activities;

Basic daily learning

  • complete a literacy and numeracy activity – this will be directed by your teacher through the class blog or tapestry (for EYFS)
  • read for at least 20 minutes each day from your reading incentive book or school reading book. Please record this in your reading record book.
  • spend 20 minutes each day learning the spellings that have been allocated (these can be found in your reading record book and in the curriculum booklet. This booklet is downloadable for each year group here. A  paper copy of this booklet was also sent home to YR – Y4 pupils yesterday  ( Monday) A paper copy of the Y5 or Y6 booklet is available to collect from the school office if needed.
  • spend 5-20 minutes per day on TT rock stars – your log on details have already been provided to you.
  • spend 20 minutes per day learning the mega measures facts.  These can be found in the curriculum booklet which is downloadable for each year group here. A  paper copy of this booklet was also sent home to YR – Y4 pupils yesterday  ( Monday) A paper copy of the Y5 or Y6 booklet is available to collect from the school office if needed

Additional learning

  • Each day your class teacher will set some activities on the blog (or tapestry for EYFS) by 9am. These will include at least one maths and one literacy task.
  • The rest will be a mixture of other subject areas linked to the current learning in class such as science, RE, topic and PE. The tasks could include links to lessons on Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize. If possible this may also be a video recording from your teacher so that you can hear the teacher explain the task.
  • These activities may also be linked to LBQ or purple mash. You have been provided with your purple mash log in already. 
  • An assembly will be added to each class blog and the shine team blog each Monday, led by Mrs Williams.

Links to all the class blogs are available here;


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


  • The class teacher will be live on teams to support you with any queries. You have already been provided with your Microsoft teams log in details.
  • For green classes this will be at 9.30am and 1.30pm each day
  • For blue classes this will be at 10.30am and 2.30pm each day
  • The class teacher will also be available to answer questions on Microsoft teams chat facility throughout the day.

The day the class teacher is working in school, another member of staff will be available on microsoft teams.

Additionally you will receive a welfare call at least once per week from the class teacher or TA. This will be from a withheld number, so please be aware of this. It is vitally important that we keep in contact with all families. Should we be unable to contact you via phone, we shall undertake a safeguarding home visit.

Happy learning!

Important information about the Government announcement

Dear parents, 

I am sure that like me you have just heard the Prime Minister announce the latest lockdown for England. 

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I am informing you that school will be closed to all pupils, except children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils, with immediate effect. 

In order to make all the necessary arrangements to move to remote learning and arrange key worker provision, school will be closed to all pupils tomorrow. This will allow time for staff to fully prepare and ensure appropriate steps are taken to ensure all vulnerable and children of critical workers are identified and catered for and teaching staff are appropriately allocated. 

Critical worker and vulnerable pupil provision will commence on Wednesday 6th January 2021. 

You will be contacted, tomorrow, via email, with a form to complete should you wish to apply for key worker or vulnerable pupil provision. Please look out for this arriving and return it to us as soon as possible tomorrow. Places will be allocated once we know anticipated numbers.  

In line with the Government position however, please note that currently, the safest place for you and your child is at home. Workers have been instructed to work from home if possible and critical worker provision should be a last resort, where all other options have been exhausted. This is to minimise the transmission of the virus and ensure all social contacts are kept to a minimum. 

Remote learning for all pupils will also commence on Wednesday 6th January. Again further details of this will be sent via email tomorrow. 

I realise this will be very distressing and upsetting for many of you, and  will undoubtedly cause much angst, however please be assured of the strength of our community. We have done this before are we shall do it again! We shall work together to support each other, to beat this virus and move on to better times ahead. 

Please keep an eye on your texts and emails and the school app throughout tomorrow. We shall be in regular contact. 

Offering you my very best wishes. 

Take care