Musical perfomances

This week Jenson and Tia performed their instrument in assembly. They have only been playing for a few weeks.

They performed extremely well even though they were a little bit nervous.

Well done Jenson and Tia! We are extremely proud of you!

IMG_1921[1] IMG_1925[1]

Mrs Cox gave us a little lesson about the trumpet and other brass instruments.


Would you like to play your instrument infront of the school like Jenson and Tia? If so, go and speak to Miss Elsden.

Remember, GREATNESS is not a given, it is determined by your actions! What are you going to do with your dash?

Music For Youth


On Wednesday Year 3 and 4 Choir members had the opportunity to go to the Victoria Halls for a Music For Youth Concert. They heard performances from the following groups:

Bolton Youth Orchestra

Salford Steel

Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra


The children also took part through dancing and singing.

IMG_2117[1] IMG_2123[1] IMG_2136[1] IMG_2139[1] IMG_2142[1] IMG_2148[1] IMG_2162[1] IMG_2128[1]