Keeping our teeth strong

This morning we have been learning how to keep our teeth healthy and strong by brushing our teeth and making healthy choices with what we eat and drink. We practiced brushing our teeth; remember “spit but do not rinse”.

We are bringing toothpaste and a toothbrush home and will be keeping our teeth clean in school too.

Reception class Challenge

This week we have been learning how to fasten our own coats. We have set the children a CHALLENGE

to fasten your own coat independently.

The children have all week to practise and on Monday the children will receive a challenge sticker if the challenge is met.

Good luck, keep practising!



Sharing is Caring

This week, Reception have been thinking about how important it is to share with one another. We read a story called “Don’t Hog the Hedge” and we have been awarding each other when we have noticed someone being kind and sharing.

We learnt a song about learning to share and performed it in assembles this morning. Well done everyone!