Number Formation Rhymes

number formationClick on the link below to learn the rhymes we use to help us form numbers correctly.


Number Formation Rhymes

Many children are now reading numbers to 10, this is fantastic! So this week we have been focussing on number formation and writing them in our mini sand trays. I know children have been singing these rhymes at home, so as promised here are the number formation rhymes.

Why not try writing them at home; record them in your ‘WOW book’ and share your achievements! Thank you for your support.

Mrs Quarmby

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3 Responses to Number Formation Rhymes

  1. Jo says:

    Not sure if a problem with this link it won’t seem to open xxxx

    • 118lwilliams says:

      It is working for me – pop in to school sometime and we can see have a look and what is going on. I can also give you a paper copy of the rhymes, if we cant get it to work.
      Mrs Williams

      • J Garner says:

        That would be great , im trying to find a link to print them out but the only ones I can find are not the same rhymes, if you email me a link to a page to print that would be great

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