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Links to ‘twinkl’ and ‘urbrainy’ print at home worksheets can be found here.

Please click on the link above to take you to the reception class  home learning timetable for the summer term.

On the timetable you can find lots of links to activities to keep your brain learning and acquiring knowledge over the forthcoming weeks until we are all back in school again. The timetable is structured in line with the school day. Keeping to a routine is good for you and will help to keep your learning habits strong.

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From Mrs Cowell, Mrs Quarmby and the reception class team

2D and 3D shape Challenge. Home Learning 6th July

Look around your house.
Can you find 5 2D shapes?
Can you find 5 3D shapes?
Can you name the shapes?

Look at the shapes and describe them to your family.
For example, It has 4 sides and they are all the same size. It is flat. It is a 2D shape (square).

It is solid and a 3D shape. It has 6 faces. 2 faces are square and 4 faces are rectangular. It has 8 points (cuboid).

Maybe you could hide the shapes in a bag and describe the shape to your family. Can they guess which shape is in the bag?

NEXT find a ramp, we are going to sort the shapes into shapes which Roll (Mr Roll) and shapes which slide (Mrs Slide).
Can you explain why they roll and why they slide?
Watch Mischievous Monkey’s video on Tapestry to support.

Have fun Reception Class.
Mischievous Monkey really enjoyed this challenge.

Remember to share your video with us.

Mrs Quarmby & Mrs Cowell

Can you name the different parts of a plant? Home Learning 6th July

Shortly after lockdown, many children started to plant their own seeds. Over time many of your pants have started to grow. 🌻🌼🥀

Your task this week is to look at the powerpoint and learn about the different parts of the plants. Can you name them? 

Can you cut out the different parts of the plant and join them together? 

Then label the plant/flower – Can you use your phonics to sound out ‘roots’? stem?
Remember , labels give the reader information about the plants.
Have a look in your books at home. Can you see any labels which give you information? Non-fiction books are great to learn new information.

We are looking forward to see your work on Tapestry.

There are also some lovely collage ideas of plants on Pinterest which you may want to try to recreate and label at home.

Enjoy 😀
Mrs Quarmby & Mrs Cowell 🌈

Writing Challenge. Home Learning 6th July

This weeks challenge is a writing challenge!✏🗒

In school we have some cards to help us plan our writing.


When we look at a picture or photograph, we think about…
WHO is in the picture?
WHAT are they doing?
WHERE are they?

I have chosen to look at the picture in my book ‘Pirates Love Underpants’.
So my sentence would be…
The pirates (who) are running over a bridge (what) on the Desert Island (where).
The Pirates, are hiding in the bushes in the Jungle.

Chose a page from your favourite book and write a sentence. Remember to think WHO? WHAT? WHERE?
If you are feeling confident, chose 3 pages from your book and write 3 sentences.
Remember to use your phonics to sound out the words as you write and remember to spell your ‘tricky words’ correctly.

I have also attached the writing rules to help you Reception. You can explain these to your family.

PARENTS: Please don’t worry about their spellings. Reception writing is about the children using their phonics knowledge to sound out words and write down the letter sounds they hear. I would only correct known tricky words, for example – was, the, saw, go, he…

I am really looking to reading your sentences Reception Class.

Mrs Quarmby & Mrs Cowell 🌈

Pirate crafts

Can you make your own pirate? You can choose how you do it but we have some ideas you could try. Or maybe you want to make a parrot for your pirate? Use a toilet roll tube or a paper plate. Look at the pictures attached. We can’t wait to see your creations! Have fun and post your photos on Tapestry! 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby

Pirate week!

Good morning Reception!
This week in school we are doing lots of pirate activities so we would like to share some with you to try at home! We would love to see some pictures and we will share them with the children in school (Mrs Quarmby will share them next week with Reception Blue).

Begin by watching this short story about a boy who wants to be a pirate when he grows up.

Pirates have lots of treasure, we would like you to think about the things that you treasure most in the world. Can you draw and label the things that are most important to you? I wonder if they will be the same as your friend’s treasures!

We can’t wait to see your work and hear what is most important to you. Have a great week!

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby 😄🌈

Phonics mats

Hi everyone. 
Twinkl have some fantastic activity mats to help support your phonics. These give you the opportunity to practice reading and show your understanding of what you have read, as well as an opportunity to write your own sentences (using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters). 

They are available here:

Let us know how you get on completing them. 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby