Reception home learning timetable Summer 2020

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Home learning timetable EYFS

EYFS pick n mix activities

Links to ‘twinkl’ and ‘urbrainy’ print at home worksheets can be found here.

Please click on the link above to take you to the reception class  home learning timetable for the summer term.

On the timetable you can find lots of links to activities to keep your brain learning and acquiring knowledge over the forthcoming weeks until we are all back in school again. The timetable is structured in line with the school day. Keeping to a routine is good for you and will help to keep your learning habits strong.

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See you all soon

From Mrs Cowell, Mrs Quarmby and the reception class team

Class Photos

We really enjoyed seeing all of our Reception children today when we delivered your reports. We hadn’t seen some of you since March so it was so special to us to get the chance to see you all today.

We hope you liked our class phots and that they make up for not having had a real one down this year!!

Lots of love

Mrs Cowell, Mrs Quarmby and the EYFS team 🥰

Maths challenge repeated patterns

This week we would like you to make your own repeated patterns. Begin by looking at the Curly caterpillar powerpoint to remind you have to repeat a pattern. Complete the attached caterpillar sheet – can you repeat the pattern on each caterpillar? 
Can you create your own repeated pattern? Can your pattern have three colours? Perhaps you could use some lego or blocks to make a repeated pattern? You could use playdough or any house hold items. Perhaps your pattern could link to size: big, small. Can you describe it to your family? “The first caterpillar repeats the pattern red, green. After red, comes green. After green, comes red.” 
Have fun making patterns! Remember to share your photos with us! 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby

Last week of Reception

Good morning Reception. Today marks the start of our last week in Reception. This is not how we ever expected, or wanted, our final week together to be but we hope you all have a lovely final week of home learning and please share lots of photos via Tapestry! 

We would like you to begin by reading the story of the Cautious Caterpillar.  This colourful story follows the life cycle of a butterfly as one reluctant caterpillar learns to accept change and prepares for her transition from caterpillar to butterfly. With a little help from her minibeast friends, she begins to feel brave and ready for her next step.

It’s normal for children to be nervous about transitions and changes at school or at home, just like Cody the Caterpillar, but there are lots of activities you can do to reassure your child. After reading ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’, open up a discussion using these Differentiated Talk Cards .  What are you already good at? Who are your best friends? Complete the attached butterfly transition to Year 1 sheet and share it with us on Tapestry. Think about what you hope for in Year 1. What would you like to get better at? 

Have a wonderful week and please keep sharing your work and photos! 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby

Daily challenge!

I love these challenges for today. You could draw and write about your favourite animal or paint a picture of what it might be like on the moon. Have fun and remember to share your work on Tapestry!

2D and 3D shape Challenge. Home Learning 6th July

Look around your house.
Can you find 5 2D shapes?
Can you find 5 3D shapes?
Can you name the shapes?

Look at the shapes and describe them to your family.
For example, It has 4 sides and they are all the same size. It is flat. It is a 2D shape (square).

It is solid and a 3D shape. It has 6 faces. 2 faces are square and 4 faces are rectangular. It has 8 points (cuboid).

Maybe you could hide the shapes in a bag and describe the shape to your family. Can they guess which shape is in the bag?

NEXT find a ramp, we are going to sort the shapes into shapes which Roll (Mr Roll) and shapes which slide (Mrs Slide).
Can you explain why they roll and why they slide?
Watch Mischievous Monkey’s video on Tapestry to support.

Have fun Reception Class.
Mischievous Monkey really enjoyed this challenge.

Remember to share your video with us.

Mrs Quarmby & Mrs Cowell