TT Rockstar Day

We have had lots of on TT Rockstar day so far. Miss Brown and Mrs Williams started the day with a fun assembly full of games to help us learn our times tables. We have been practicing counting in 2s ready for when we can go on TT Rockstars.

Some children have been on NumBots.

In PE we were true rock stars dancing to some classic rock music!

What a fun day! Have a great weekend everyone and remember to go on NumBots and post your photos of you doing it on Tapestry.

Wellbeing Day

We have had a fantastic wellbeing day at school today.

We have read ‘Have you Filled a Bucket Today?’ and have worked hard to try and fill each other’s buckets through kind acts. We have certainly made each other smile!

We have also had a special visitor in school teaching us about mindful meditation.