Half Term Family Fun Fitness Challenge

Hi everyone. We have had a fantastic response to our first two Fitness challenges. We have particularly loved seeing parents and siblings joining in too! 

Strictly Come Dancing restarts this weekend so we thought we would see whether we have any future Strictly stars at St Peter’s! Give Strictly Champion Oti Mabuse’s dance class a go. Our favourite is the Greatest Showman but feel free to pick a different dance – there is something for everyone (Trolls, Frozen and lots more). We would love to see your photos and videos – email them to fitness@st-peters-farnworth.bolton.sch.uk or Tweet us @fitnesspeters. 

Have a fabulous have term and keeeeep dancing!!

Mrs Cowell and Mr Lynch

Thursday Maths Shape Hunt!

Today’s maths challenge is another hunt around your house but this time we want you to look for some shapes.

Before you go off hunting, watch these videos that help us to name 2D flat shapes.

Now, can you find any of these shapes at home. What can you tell me about them?

“I found a birthday card. It is a rectangle. It has four Straight sides and four corners. I also found a circle. The circle is round and has no corners.” Remember the corners are where the sides meet.

You may notice that objects are 3d as they are solid and fat. These are 3d shapes. Watch this video to help you learn some 3d shape names. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2cg-Uc556-Q  Can you find any of these 3D shapes in your home. “Holly’s art box is a cuboid. It has 6 flat faces that are shaped like rectangles”.

We look forward to seeing what shapes you find in your home.

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby

Thursday Maths – number of the day is 8

Good morning Reception! Are you ready to get counting? Today let’s practice counting backwards by singing Ten Green Bottles. Remember each time a bottle falls, you are taking one away. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T0ooQv7oHvw 

I wonder if you can guess today’s number of the day…. it’s one more than 7 and one less than 9. That’s right, it’s number 8!


You know what we want you to do by now… can you write the number 8, 8 times? “Make an s and do not wait, when it’s joined up you have an 8”.

You’ve guessed it, we want you to find objects to match to the numeral 8. Can you draw 8 circles? Have you got 8 pieces of spaghetti? Can you see the number 8 written in your house anywhere? Can you clap 8 times? Can you hop on one foot 8 times? We would love to see a video of you hopping!

Be as creative as you like; paint the number 8, make the number 8 out of Playdough. Have fun with your learning and share it here on Tapestry!

Reading Challenge

I have added some further reading worksheets. Some children received these yesterday too.

They are there as a challenge if you wish to extend your reading.

I know you are great when reading cvc words , so your next challenge is to read a caption!
First sound out the word, read it and remember it. Then read the next word.
Can you remember what you read?
Can you use your ‘teacher voice’ to read it back ? That means can you read the caption back to an adult without sounding it out again.
That is a challenge.

Finally draw a picture to show what you read .

(Please don’t print out all pages, there are 10 pages. You can just draw the picture , without printing. )

Good luck and enjoy your challenge 😀⭐
Mrs Quarmby and Mrs Cowell

Phonics M

Good morning everyone!
Phonics again, today our sound of the day is M

Remember to recap the letter sounds we have completed so far and say the sounds out loud. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jolly+phonics+in+order+youtube&view=detail&mid=C8A5D44A63E5F7F89D05C8A5D44A63E5F7F89D05&FORM=VIRE  Practise M – mmmmmm

Can you practise writing the letter M ? Maisie and the mountains, please see the rhyme attached. Remember to start with your pen at the top.

Play I spy, with me little eye something beginning with M.
Can you find 3 things in your home that begin with the sound M ?
Draw them and send your photos to us on tapestry.

We have also attached set 2 phonics activity mats .
Please look at phonics mat M today.
Thank you and Well done everyone 😀 You are all fabulous!
Have a wonderful day
Mrs Quarmby & Mrs Cowell

Wednesday Maths number of the day – 7

Good morning everyone. In school we always have a song to get us warmed up. Practice your days of the week with our favourite Addams Family song! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HtQcnZ2JWsY  I’m sure you children will teach your parents this one! 

Today’s number of the day is one more than 6…. yes that’s right it’s number 7!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/numberblocks-the-seven-song  Practice writing number 7 – can you do it 7 times? “Across the sky and down from heaven, that’s the way we make a seven”. 

Can you find 7 red objects? Can you find 7 small objects? If you add one more to 7, how many have you got? If you take one away from 7, you have one less; how many have you got left? 
One more than 7 is… 
One less than 7 is….

Some activities are attached to the Tapestry post to help you practice reading and writing the number 7! 

Keep up the amazing work Reception! 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby

Wednesday Maths Number Hunt

We would like you to go on a number hunt around your house! What numbers can you find? Where did you find them? How will you record them? 
We would love you to record the numbers you find – you could Write the number and draw what you found it on or you could take a photo. Tell your adult what number you have found. Can you show them the number on your fingers? 

Where will you look for numbers? How about a book or magazine, on Your remote control or clock. Can you find any numbers in the kitchen? Are there any numbers in your bedroom. 

Some questions adults could ask: 
Which numbers can you see on this page/door/bus? 
Have you found any number threes? 
I can see a number five, what can you see?
Did we find any of the same number? 
Where else can you see the number four? Can you find the number one? 
Where is the number five? 
Which number did you find the most of? 
Which number did you find the least of? 

Have fun on your number hunt; we can’t wait to see your photos and video! Good luck finding lots of numbers! 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby

Tuesday maths – number of the day 6

Good morning Reception. Let’s start the day with some maths. Warm up by singing and moving along with Jack Hartman https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgLtF3PMOc. 

Now you’ve warmed up, let’s look at today’s new number: number 6. Here is our song for number 6: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wgDUdsciGyc 

Can you find me 6 objects? Now, can you draw me 6 sweets? 
Hmm… I wonder what is one more than 6? What is one less than 6? Can you show me 6 fingers? 

Some number 6 activities are attached. Make sure you practice writing 6: down we go and make a loop, number 6 makes a hoop! Can you write number 6, 6 times? 

Keep sharing your learning on Tapestry. You are doing fabulous! 

Mrs Cowell and Mrs Quarmby 😃