Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural


SMSC Policy Statement

The extensive ways in which we promote British Values can be found here.

At St. Peter’s we are very proud of the Christian values which underpin our work!

“The provision of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength of the school. Displays around the school visually promote this at every opportunity. For example, each corridor is labelled to reinforce a value or an ambition and emphasises the aspirational ethos which pervades the school. Pupils regularly walk up progress avenue, cooperation alley or achievement road on their way to lessons, assembly or out to play.”

OFSTED Feb 2016

“The broad, balanced and well-planned curriculum and a commitment to Christian values complements the promotion of British values and the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral social and cultural awareness. Pupils are asked to consider how moral values have changed over time within their topic linked to Victorian Britain or discuss and debate moral issues linked to current affairs, such as the refugee crisis.”

OFSTED Feb 2016

“The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St Peter’s School as a Church of England school are outstanding.”

SIAS – Manchester Diocese June 2016

REQM gold

We have achieved the RE Quality Mark Gold award in recognition of our RE curriculum work.


Click here to visit our SMSC whole school tracker on our main school website, detailing all the outstanding SMSC activity the children participate in

Archive September 2009 – December 2012

Archive January 2013 – July 2014   Academic year 13/14

Archive September 2014 – July 2015   Academic year 14/15

Archive September 2015 – July 2016   Academic year 15/16

Archive September 2016 – July 2017 Academic year 16/17

Archive September 2017 -July 2018 Academic year 17/18

Archive September 2018 – July 2019 yer 18/19

St. Peter’s kindness video. In a world where you can be anything – be kind!


Academic year 19-20


Many of our children took part in the Bolton Hospice Bubble rush

Our money raised for the Gathimba Edwards Foundation has been used in the following ways.

•Counselling of kids with low grades

•Fidelis Wamuyu has had an on-going eye problem and the optician recommended glasses for her and treatment at the eye clinic

•1 month of Maize flour for the Cheerful Children’s Home

•1 month of food support for Joseph Mwangi – Joseph is a boy we supported who lost his parents a few years ago and lives with his older brother

•Tuition for Teddy Koech

•A fun day out at Kerio View in Iten for Monica and her 5 children – Nelson, Jelegat, Faith, Victor & Kevin – from a nearby area called Kessup. “


Our art work is on display at Bolton ICT centre

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  1. Sydney Whalley says:

    i used to come to this school myself but cant find any videos of when i was in the nativity , or in the talent show . however they were on the old website. were they deleted?

    • 118lwilliams says:

      Hi Sydney

      I will try to relocate some of the videos from the old wbsite and put them on our history page of this new website for you.
      Mrs Williams

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