Gallery of art work Leavers 2019

May 2019

Parent art exhibition

December 2018

Motorised vehicles

June 2018

Clay work linked to the topic of Ancient Greeks

May 2018

Air raid shelters

November 2017

Paintings in the style of Liam Spencer

October 2017

Brilliant Britain


July 2107

Native American Wall Hangings


May 2017

Native Amercian paintings

April 2017

Saxon Ships

March 2017

Saxon Textiles

October 2016

Roman Mosaics

July 2016

Egyptian Sarcophagus’

May 2016

Egyptian death masks!

Spring term 2016

Art work in the style of European Artists!

Myths and Legends – Puppet Dragons!

Crests and Banners  – using CAMs to roll up and down!

Autumn term 2015

Bronze age Houses

Stone age art work

More stone  age art work


Royal Puppets

24.3.14  – Aladdin’s magic carpet.


2 Responses to Gallery of art work Leavers 2019

  1. maizie brown says:

    These are so cool!

  2. Isabelle belk says:

    maizie brown

    You are right

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