Gallery of art work Leavers 2018

Aztec Totem poles

June 2018

Digital art – photography manipulation using

May 2018

February 2018

Paintings in the style of Mandy Tsung and Albert Tucker


February 2018

Paintings in the style of Stephen Bennett


December 2017

Marvellous Motorised Vehicles


November 2017

Carriages for a Royal Wedding


Summer term 2017

July 2017

Greek clay tiles


July 2017

Greek Medussa masks


May 2017

Lamp making at St. James’ 

Spring Term 2017

March 2017

Air Raid Shelters

Autumn term 2016

November 2016

Urban and Rural Landscapes

October 2016

Landscapes in the style of John Constable

Spring term 2016

July 2016

Native American Creations

Fused Glass Project March 2016

136  5   7 8

2Saxon Ships!

Saxon Textiles!

Anglo Saxon Kebabs!

Autumn Term 2015

Roman Mosaics


Egyptian Sarcophagus



Exceptional Egyptian Masks


Spring term art work


Iron Age Family Crests


Iron Age Houses


Bronze Age houses



Stone age houses



Stone Age art work – Year 3



Great Fire of London art work



Designing and making vehicles



Natural Sculptures


3 Responses to Gallery of art work Leavers 2018

  1. Nigel McFarlane says:

    There is certainly some splendid work there, Y2! Well done, keep it up!

  2. Linda O'Byrne says:

    Aww well done, year 2, fantastic art work and pics!

  3. kai berry says:

    i like these videos and enjoy year 3

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