Poetry Blog – Inspired by Mr Leacy

Mr Leacy, our caretaker, has written this amazing poem to inspire our children to write!

You learnt to write, you learnt to read

If one’s the soil, the other’s the seed.

With both now planted deep in your head

With the TV turned off, you can dream instead.

Now go to the land where dragons dwell

Where witches cast an evil spell

Where tears fall like summer rain

On all the joys and all the pain

Where moulding words is the rule of the day

So set your mind and let it play

Wander through memories old

And rhyme them up to be retold

Write a line about a cat

It doesn’t have to sit on the mat

In the world where you are king

Your tabby cat can dance and sing

Or write a poem about your mom

Or be adventurous and write a song

I’m sure she does deserve the praise

She cared for you all those days

So now you know you’re not on your own

Grab pen and paper and write a poem!

By Mr. P Leacy

The book of poems written by the children in response to this can be found here!

Click on the book title page to download the whole book!