Star Readers


We’ve done it again!

We are delighted to announce that we are the

University College London (UCL)  Institue of Education (IofE)

Reading Recovery School of The Year 2017.

Our pupil Neve H is pupil reader of the year too – well done!


We are delighted to announce that we have won three awards at the 2016 Reading Recovery Awards, in association with University College London, Institute of Education,

School of the year

Reading recovery teacher of the year

Pupil reader of the year

IMG_0476 IMG_0480

St. Peter’s is an accredited Every Child a Reader School.

One of the programmes we deliver is called Reading Recovery.

Children work intensively every day for approximately 10 weeks , working one to one with a trained and skilled adult to develop their reading skills. All the children below have successfully graduated from the programme and are now star readers!



IMG_3372 IMG_3377

IMG_2447 IMG_2449 IMG_2450


DSCF7078 (Small) IMG_4112[1] (Small) IMG_4114[1] (Small) IMG_4118[1] (Small) IMG_4120[1] (Small)

SAM_5458 SAM_5459 SAM_5460

SAM_4654 (Small)

DSCF0940 (Small) DSCF0941 (Small) DSCF0942 (Small)DSCF0423 (Small)

July 12 1 July 12 2 March 12 1 March 12 2 March 12 3 March 12 4 March 13 1 March 13 2 May 13 1 May 13 2 Nov 12 1 Nov 12 2 Nov 13 1 Nov 13 2 Nov 13 3We are very proud of all of you!

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