The Lion Without a Roar

We listened to this great story about a young lion who had no roar. Instead of shouting and yelling to get his own way he learnt to talk and listen to others so that they became his friends and respected him.

One day he met the most stubborn pig and instead of reasoning with the animal he became so angry that he built a roar machine. When he used it the machine was so terrifying that he scared not only the pig but every other animal that was his friend. The animals were so afraid that they left him alone and refused to talk to him. It took him many months to earn their respect back.

The lion learnt that even when he was frustrated talking and reasoning is always the best way to solve problems. Pass the peace by listening to others, talking with respect and not losing your temper!

KS1 Worship

Today we listened to a story about two donkeys that had to learn to share before they were able to eat their food. If they didn’t help each other, they would both go hungry. In order to keep the peace they had to speak politely to each other to come up with a solution.

They had to learn to help each other so they could both win. We talked about compromise and listening to others. Lexi and Charlie both helped me today. Thank you.

We also sang ‘Peace perfect peace’. Everyone sang this beautifully!

Shine team news

Our sponsored child Arjuma Mondol will be eleven years old on the 7th of November. We have posted a birthday card and read her latest school report.

Shine Team helped to show Bishop Mark around school and Marcus and Rachel have appeared in the Bolton News.

KS1 worship

We listened to the story of Six Dinner Sid. We talked about how Sid managed to get away with having six houses and six dinners for so long because the neighbours didn’t talk to each other! It seemed to be a lovely, peaceful neighbourhood, but not a friendly one, where people work together. At the end of the story Sid moved to a more friendly neighbourhood.

We then sang Peace Perfect Peace without the music, because we are so good at it!

Edward and the Dragon

Today we enjoyed the story of Edward, a young knight, who managed to get out of any trouble by using his quick wits rather than fighting or arguing. He discovered a hidden castle where a cruel dragon was keeping the local people trapped. Instead of arguing with the dragon or even fighting him Edward managed to talk to the dragon so it left the castle and he could rescue the villagers. We discussed how this would be another way to pass the peace – talk about a problem rather than fight over it! Great acting skills from Year 4 – well done!

The birds and the Jackdaw

On Monday Mrs Williams told the story of The Birds and The Jackdaw.

Zeus ( leader of the greek gods) wanted to appoint a leader of the birds. He announced that he would hold a parade and the prettiest bird would be announced the leader. Jackdaw was worried about this, as he was a dull brown bird, so he started to stick multi coloured feathers on to himself, to make him appear to be something that he wasn’t.

Zeus was impressed by the jackdaw and was overheard to say that he may make the jackdaw the leader of the birds.

The other birds heard about this and believing that the jackdaw was a plain ordinary looking bird, they started to pluck out their multi coloured feathers  and make themselves in to something they were not.

Upon seeing this Zeus was disappointed and made a decree that since all the birds were so desperate to change, rather than be proud of themselves, then none of them would be leader. Instead he chose a small bird that had made no attempt to change and was proud to be himself.

Remember we are all different  – and that is good…….. be proud of what and who we are.

Pass the Peace please – don’t try to change others and make them what they are not. Accept everyone for what they are already.