Assembly 14th October

Today in assembly we were thinking about how lucky we are to have lots of lovely food to eat. We had a ‘lucky dip’ box and children were chosen to find food items in the box. We talked about the importance of being thankful for all the food we have to choose from at home and at school. We thought about people in other parts of the world that are not so lucky.

We said a special prayer to thank God for our food as we start to look forward to our Harvest Assembly on Friday.

Monday 7.10.14

Today in assembly we thought about how we might react when something doesn’t quite go how we wanted it to.

We listened to a story about Simon who really wanted a computer for Christmas, but when the washing machine broke down his family was unable to afford the computer. How should he react? Was it his parents fault that the washer broke down? What would be the peaceful response?

Initially Simon was very angry and reacted in a way that caused a lot of upset for his parents, but eventually he realised that he ought not to behave like that – and he apologised for how he had reacted.

We can learn a lot from this story about how we should respond when things don’t quite go our way. Pass the Peace Please.