Picture News 29.6.20

This week our picture news is all about statues. 

There are lots of statues around the world. If we don’t think a statue should be there, we can
say how it makes us feel and make our voice heard.

Story: Many statues around the world have been questioned for their purpose and value in recent weeks.

Question: Do you like statues?

We hope you enjoy thinking about this week’s topic. 


Key Stage One Assembly

Today we started to learn the hymn ‘One More Step Along The World I Go’. Key Stage One sang the chorus extremely well with actions to help. We also sang ‘Peace Perfect Peace’ and one of our favourites,’Magic Penny’ which reminds us to pass the love and pass the Peace!

KS1 Singing Assembly

In Key Stage One singing assembly we started the Year by learning a song called ‘Back in school again’ which talks about us looking forward to the term ahead and how each and everyone of us makes a difference. We also sang ‘Peace, Perfect Peace’ which the children sang beautifully.