Key Stage One Assembly

Today we started to learn the hymn ‘One More Step Along The World I Go’. Key Stage One sang the chorus extremely well with actions to help. We also sang ‘Peace Perfect Peace’ and one of our favourites,’Magic Penny’ which reminds us to pass the love and pass the Peace!

The birds and the Jackdaw

On Monday Mrs Williams told the story of The Birds and The Jackdaw.

Zeus ( leader of the greek gods) wanted to appoint a leader of the birds. He announced that he would hold a parade and the prettiest bird would be announced the leader. Jackdaw was worried about this, as he was a dull brown bird, so he started to stick multi coloured feathers on to himself, to make him appear to be something that he wasn’t.

Zeus was impressed by the jackdaw and was overheard to say that he may make the jackdaw the leader of the birds.

The other birds heard about this and believing that the jackdaw was a plain ordinary looking bird, they started to pluck out their multi coloured feathers  and make themselves in to something they were not.

Upon seeing this Zeus was disappointed and made a decree that since all the birds were so desperate to change, rather than be proud of themselves, then none of them would be leader. Instead he chose a small bird that had made no attempt to change and was proud to be himself.

Remember we are all different  – and that is good…….. be proud of what and who we are.

Pass the Peace please – don’t try to change others and make them what they are not. Accept everyone for what they are already.

KS2 assembly 11th September

We read the story of Fran the frog and Toby the Toad! Fran took pride in her restaurant and one night Toby arrived and complained ALL evening about the food in the restaurant. Fran became upset and hit Toby over the head with a frying pan! Toby was very angry and wanted revenge. We discussed the events that could happen if Toby decided to hit back and how we could change the future if we remembered to ‘Pass the Peace Please’ and not respond in an aggressive way.

Visit from Bishop Mark

Bishop Mark of Middelton paid us a special visit today.

He spoke to us about the vestments he wears and what each item represents.

Did you know the Bishop’s hat represents a flame? Symbolising when Jesus passed the Holy Spirit to his disciples in the form of a flame at the feast of Pentecost.

He also spent time in each class talking to the children. He was very impressed by their kindness, good manners and Christian Values. Well done children!


KS1 Assembly

Our assembly today was all about our theme of ‘Pass the peace please’.

We talked about the importance of peace to us in our everyday lives and what peace means.

We listened to the story ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy and we sang our hymn ‘Peace perfect Peace’.

KS1 Singing Assembly

In Key Stage One singing assembly we started the Year by learning a song called ‘Back in school again’ which talks about us looking forward to the term ahead and how each and everyone of us makes a difference. We also sang ‘Peace, Perfect Peace’ which the children sang beautifully.

Thursday 4th September

KS1 assembly thinking through  our theme ‘Pass the Peace’ please, we have been learning all about Jesus calming the Sea of Galilee. We talked about how Jesus was able to calm the sea and wind and how this message can help us when we fall out with our friends.


KS2 singing practice

Our first singing practice of the term saw us revising some hymns linked to theme of Peace. We sang: Peace, Perfect Peace, Make me a channel of your peace and one of our favourite hymns, Seek ye first.

Peace Babies!

We shared the brilliant story about how Jelly Babies were once named peace babies! Did you know these tasty sweets were invented to celebrate the end of WW1? The different colours represented the countries that had fought throughout WW1  and the sweets were all placed in one bag – showing that everyone can live alongside each other happily and be a part of the same world. Look out in school for our own version of Peace Babies coming soon!

Whole school assembly – 3.9.14

We began the week by introducing our theme for the term;

“Pass the Peace Please.”

The children were asked to think of other words to use as synonyms for peace. They suggested; love, Christian Values, hope, joy, calm.

We discussed how all those words can be used as synonyms for peace and over the course of the term we will be looking at how we can help to ensure we live in a peaceful place, be that the school, town, country, continent or world. Given that we are all earthlings ( this was debated) we must seek to recognise and understand our similarlites, whilst also recognising, tolerating and celebrating our differences.