Peace Babies!

We shared the brilliant story about how Jelly Babies were once named peace babies! Did you know these tasty sweets were invented to celebrate the end of WW1? The different colours represented the countries that had fought throughout WW1  and the sweets were all placed in one bag – showing that everyone can live alongside each other happily and be a part of the same world. Look out in school for our own version of Peace Babies coming soon!

Whole school assembly – 3.9.14

We began the week by introducing our theme for the term;

“Pass the Peace Please.”

The children were asked to think of other words to use as synonyms for peace. They suggested; love, Christian Values, hope, joy, calm.

We discussed how all those words can be used as synonyms for peace and over the course of the term we will be looking at how we can help to ensure we live in a peaceful place, be that the school, town, country, continent or world. Given that we are all earthlings ( this was debated) we must seek to recognise and understand our similarlites, whilst also recognising, tolerating and celebrating our differences.