Key Stage 2 climbing wall

As part of our outdoor and adventure activities Key Stage 2 today took part in a climbing wall activity.  For most of the children, this was their first taste of climbing but we had many ‘naturals’ in each of the classes.  You can see the pictures of Year 4 on the wall below.

PE at St Peter’s Primary School 2014/15

As we near the end of another busy year, we are proud to look back at the amazing activities that we have completed in PE over the last 12 months.


This year children have competed against other schools in Farnworth in the following sports:

Year 5/6 Cricket, Year 5 Handball, Year 3 and 4 dodge ball, Year 5/6 indoor athletics, Year 3/4/5/6 cross country, Year 5/6 Football, Year 5/6 tag rugby, Year 1/2 multi-skills showcase.  We have also provided gifted and talented children from Year 4 and 5 with a specialist session at Kearsley Academy, developing their PE skills and applying them to new activities such as table tennis, the trampoline and badminton.  Finally, the Year 5/6 football team has competed in a competitive match against Queensbridge Primary School.

We also established our ‘PE groups’ in school and children have competed in school to earn points for their group.  These competitions have included:

Year 1 – Multi-skills showcase, Year 2 – Hockey, Year 3 – short tennis, Year 4 – Hockey, Year 5 – Short tennis, whole school sports day, Year 2 blue – Cricket, Year 4 – Football and Year 5 – Rounders

After school clubs

A variety of extracurricular clubs have been delivered after school this year, through a combination of quality coaches (BWFC, Kearsley Academy, FUNDA) and also staff from St Peter’s Primary School. Every child has been invited to attend each club and altogether, 213 places were awarded at our PE based clubs during the year.

These clubs have included KS2 Rounders, KS2 handball, KS2 tag rugby, Ks2 indoor athletics, KS2 football, KS1 Multi Skills, KS1 FUNDA games, KS1 football and KS1 games club.

Leaders of learning

Thank you to all of the children who have helped at clubs this year as ‘leaders of learning’.  We have had Year 6 children organising football, ball games and dance clubs, children from KS2 organising games for KS1 at lunch time and also children who organised their own roller skating club.

It has been a busy year for PE at St Peter’s Primary school and we have more exciting plans in place for next year!

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Last week was Key Stage 2 sports day.  The children competed for points in their PE groups and took part in activities such as the egg and spoon race, 70m sprint, sack race and the chest pass throw.  It was very pleasing to see determined competitors who were very supportive of their team mates.  Well done!

Key Stage 2 Athletics Leverhulme Park

24 children from Key Stage 2 recently competed against other local schools in the Athletics tournament at Leverhulme Park.  They competed in throwing events, the long jump and a variety of running races.  Every child competed with a smile on their face and showed fantastic determination and sportsmanship.  Well done Key Stage 2!