PE class competitions

All children in school are now part of a PE group who compete for points through a series of internal school competitions.  The groups are named after famous local sports people, some of whom attended our school.  They include:

Amir Khan (local boxing champion)

Alan Ball (world cup winner who was a pupil at this school)

Lee Whiteley (Paralympian who visited school this year)

Sir Philip Craven (chair of Paralympic committee who was a pupil at this school)

The children have been competing for their group and you can see some of the pictures below.

The latest league table looks like this:

Khan                  20 points

Ball                     18 points

Whiteley            12 points

Craven                10 points

Year 3 and 4 working with Kearsley Academy

This half term, Year 3 and 4 are receiving expert coaching from Kearsley Academy on athletics.  The skills they are developing over the next 6 weeks will be used in competition when the children take part in sports day next term.  They will be looking at a range of activities including running, relay, throwing and jumping.  You can see some of the pictures from their first session below.

DSCF7513  DSCF7519DSCF7518

Key Stage 2 pupils shine in PE workshop!

8 children were recently selected to take part in the Key Stage 2 gifted and talented workshop at Kearsley Academy.

The children have all shown excellent ability in curriculum PE lessons and whilst competing in school events.  This workshop provided them with the opportunity to apply their skills in new areas of PE, such as trampolining, table tennis and cardio fitness testing. 

It was a challenging workshop and the children applied themselves fantastically well and showed lots of natural ability in each of the tasks. 

You can see the pictures below

Paralympic Sprinter Lee Whiteley Visit

Today children from all classes took part in a fitness challenge with Paralympic 100 and 200m sprinter Lee Whiteley.  The children completed four challenging exercises in a ‘circuit style’ training session and received some expert coaching along the way.  Following this, Lee hosted an assembly where he told us his inspirational story of how he became the fastest Paralypian in Britain and second fastest in the world!  The children had a fantastic day and were amazed by Lee’s story.  You can see some of the photos below: