Year 1 Green Handwriting

We have really focused on our handwriting this term and we have seen a huge improvement! Lots of children are making progress and moving their faces up on the pirate ship. Lets hope this continues in the summer term!

These children have made progress in their handwriting over this term. Well done!


Well done to the children who have achieved level 1C on their handwriting! You get to move your picture on to the handwriting ship!


Great work to those who are moving their picture to the second deck for achieving level 1B!


Congratulations to the children who are at the top of the handwriting ship already! Keep up the good work!


We are really proud of all the progress that everyone as made. Lets keep it up so that we can all move our pictures up on the pirate ship in the summer term! Well done Year 1 Green!!

Year 1 Blue Handwriting

Year 1 Blue set themselves the target at the start of Spring term to improve their handwriting and they have all worked so hard to achieve this. The children in the pictures below have recieved certificates to congratulate them on their amazing progress this term. They loved moving their name onto and up the levels our handwriting pirate ship. Well done!