Two very special visitors in Year 1 Green

   Yesterday we had a special visit from Little Red Riding Hood! We had a message from Mrs Bale to say that she was at the office waiting for us so Miss Elsden went to get her.

She was extremely upset about what the wolf had done. She told us all about what had happened.

IMG_0543[1] IMG_0546[1] IMG_0554[1] IMG_0559[1] IMG_0566[1]

When she left we wrote some sentences to describe how she was feeling and some of us wrote a diary entry for her.


Today, we had a visit from the big bad wolf but instead of trying to eat us all, he was actually really sorry for what he had done.


We helped him write a letter of apology to Little Red Riding Hood.

IMG_0571[1] IMG_0578[1] IMG_0580[1]

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