Blue Planet Aquarium!

We had an amazing day at Blue Planet today! The children learnt lots about the different sea creatures and saw so many new animals. Their behaviour was fantastic all day and we are very proud! 🙂

Year 1 Blue dance performance

A huge thank you to all the family members who came to watch the children perform their dance routines this morning! We are so proud of how hard they have worked to learn the different routines. We hope you enjoyed watching them!

Seaside holidays in the past!

Wow! Year 1 have had a fantastic day learning about seaside holidays from the past. We saw lots of items from the past, such as wool swimsuits, metal buckets and wooden spades. We were surprised to learn that the whole family would have to share one suitcase and people did not go abroad for their holidays. We all most enjoyed the Punch and Judy show but we promised not to copy Mr Punch’s behaviour!