Next few weeks

Hello everyone,

Please can you keep visiting this blog whilst you are off school. You have worked extremely hard since September and it is important that you continue with your learning.  Here are some tips:

  • try your best to get up and dressed at a similar time to a normal school day
  • focus on developing your literacy and maths skills during the mornings (like you would do at school) – practise your cursive handwriting, times tables, read some of your reading book / challenge book, write a short diary / story etc
  • try your best not to spend hours on electronic games (unless its Purple Mash / TT Rockstars!)
  • improve your knowledge by researching a new topic – you can share your learning on this blog or when you return to school

You are all amazing and are going to be really missed! We love you all and hope that you stay healthy and active!

Miss Bailey, Mr Wakes, Mrs Bessell, Miss McNamara and Mrs Yarwood.

Wizard of Oz Book Week!

Year 3 Blue have made a fantastic start to our Wizard of Oz themed week! This morning we role played as the different characters from the story and answered questions from their perspective.

As part of our Rocks and Fossils unit in Science, we investigated which rock would be the most suitable to make the Yellow Brick Road. We looked at how durable and permeable various rocks were and then decided which would be the best choice to make the road to Emerald City!