What if my class need to learn from home?

Firstly don’t worry! Your learning can still carry on. It is important that you do some learning every day, as if you were at school, and maintain a school routine.

The following programme will form the basis of your learning activities;

Basic daily learning for anyone isolating

  • complete two activities from the paper copies of the literacy and numeracy home learning pack
  • read for at least 20 minutes each day from your reading incentive book or school reading book. Please record this in your reading record book.
  • spend 20 minutes each day learning the spellings that have been allocated (these can be found in your reading record book and in the curriculum booklet. This booklet is downloadable for each year group here.
  • spend 20 minutes per day on TT rock stars – your log on details have already been provided to you
  • spend 20 minutes per day learning the mega measures facts.  These can be found in the curriculum booklet which is downloadable for each year group here.
  • read through the knowledge organisers and learn some of the facts. These can be found in the curriculum booklet which is downloadable for each year group here.

Additional learning;  adapted daily in the event of the whole class having to isolate

  • Each day your class teacher will set 6 activities on the blog by 9am. These will include at least one maths and one literacy task, using the paper copies of the books you will be provided with. These books are to be written in.  The rest will be a mixture of other subject areas linked to the current learning in class such as science, RE, topic and PE. The tasks could include links to lessons on Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize. If possible this may also be a video recording from your teacher so that you can hear the teacher explain the task.
  • These activities may also be linked to LBQ or purple mash. You have been provided with your purple mash log in already.  


  • The class teacher will be live on teams at 10am and 2pm to support you with any queries. You have already been provided with your Microsoft teams log in details.
  • The class teacher will also be available to answer questions on the blog throughout the day.

Enrichment learning

The downloadable grid below contains links to many educational websites. Remember the more you do the better you will become. These activities are suggestions for extra things you could be doing whilst you are at home.

Happy learning!