Year Four: Democracy in action!

It has been British WOW Week at St. Peter’s! Children have been exploring British Values and taking part in a wide range of activities, from performances and guest visitors to tea parties and WOW writing.

Year 4 have looked in particular at the British Value of democracy. They have discovered a whole range of information about what democracy means and learnt about both parliament and the importance of voting.

Children then took part in a democratic vote of their own. After mind mapping interesting ideas to improve our school, children voted for their favourite reasons and formed political parties. Next they campaigned for each other’s votes: writing speeches, creating posters and debating with passion and enthusiasm. Finally, children went to the ballot and voted for their favourite – and it was close!

After all this, Year 4 began to realise the importance of democracy. They asked if they could contact their local MP, Yasmin Qureshi, so children ended their British Values week by writing to Ms Qureshi asking for her assistance on allowing them to vote on wider issues. Take a look at their forceful arguments . . .


Luke’s letter

Alannah's letter

Alannah’s letter

Cara's letter

Cara’s letter

Emilio's letter

Emilio’s letter

Jamie's letter

Jamie’s letter

Kacey's letter

Kacey’s letter

Lucas's letter

Lucas’s letter



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4 Responses to Year Four: Democracy in action!

  1. Emillio says:

    I really enjoyed doing this 🙂

  2. Alannah obyrne says:

    I was really scared when u said send them

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