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Year 4 Vantage Ball

Year 4 have been trying their hand at Vantage Ball, which combines movement, rhythm and coordination to improve physical and mental fitness levels. They have been working hard in a fun, energetic way whilst rocking out to music. Check it out!  

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Year 4 brass in action!

Here is a taster of what Year 4 children are getting up to in their brass lessons. After only a few sessions, they are now reading music and playing as a group. Very well done!  

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Visit to St. John’s Church

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Year 4 Writer of the Week

This week’s Writer of the Week is Jamie D, who has crafted an original and interesting myth based on Pandora’s Box. Well done, Jamie!

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NSPCC Number Day in Year 4

Year Four have been celebrating NSPCC Number Day in as many ways as possible, from board game design and partying planning to multiplication song writing and bingo. Check them out!  

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Anglo Saxon Kebabs in Year 4

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