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Young Enterprise Club

Key skills in numeracy, enterprise and communication continued today, as have preparations for the Fiver Challenge which are really intensifying. The children are raring to go!

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Year Four Native American Food Technology

Food technology this term focused around Year Four’s topic of Native Americans. Therefore, this week the children cooked some delicious fried bread, which Native Americans would have eaten, as well as a wonderfully tasty Cherokee casserole.

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Happiness is helping others

What do we get from helping others? Emotions, experiences and the knowledge that you have made the world a better place. Do we need anything more than that?

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Kosmic Krew

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Writer of the Week

Congratulations to Kai who is Year Four’s Writer of the Week with a wonderful fictional story ending, filled with lovely vocabulary and a range of sentence types. Well done!

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Year 4 Creation Experience

Today Year 4 visited St. John’s church as part of Experience Creation, exploring and celebrating themes around the creation in Genesis. It was a wonderful visit which everyone enjoyed immensely. Thank you to the volunteers who hosted us for the afternoon.

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Penny for a Plant – Y4

Remember to keep bringing in your pennies for Penny for a Plant. We will fill our flower tub and raise pennies for @KearsleyInBloom plants.

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Year 4’s classical music of the month – May

Year Four’s classical piece for the month of May: Mozart – Lacrimosa   Have a recommendation of your own? Share it in the comments . . .

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Writer of the Week

Well done to Daisy, who is Writer of the Week in Year Four with her story opening to the Iron Man!

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