Year Four’s Magical Memories

Just a few memories from Year Four!

Thank you for a wonderful year.

Mr Dunn

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9 Responses to Year Four’s Magical Memories

  1. Alannah obyrne says:

    I will miss u in year 5 mr Dunn

  2. Maisie Gould says:

    we all will miss you and u are the best, Alannah you’re right

  3. Riley says:

    I want to stay in year 4
    Thank you mr Dunn and mrs yarwood

  4. Shonette says:

    Good Luck in year 5 keep your smile on and shine brightly. Well done Mr Dunn your a spread the happiness star.
    Love Shonette X

  5. john dean says:

    omg so epic

  6. Alannah obyrne says:

    I can’t even watch the whole video without crying

  7. Pres Swindells says:


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