Year 4’s Classical Piece of the Month

Year Four’s classical piece for the month of July:

Prokofiev – Peter and the Wolf.

A wonderful example of music telling a story!


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Year 4 and The Mystery of the Missing File

Year Four entered class on Wednesday morning this week to discover that their Class Achievement File, filled with all their memories since Reception, had been stolen!


Alongside the mess was a cheeky ransom note! Undeterred, the children immediately set about analysing the crime scene, and very quickly had formed a list of suspects. They looked very ashamed of themselves.


With the help of CCTV evidence, real handwriting and fingerprint samples and after interviewing all suspects, Year Four set about figuring our The Mystery of the Missing File. After much deliberation, they discovered that the real culprits were devious Mrs Smith and Mrs Yarwood!

With the mystery solved and the file safely recovered, the children planned and wrote their very own investigative crime reports. What a creative, enlightening and fun week!

IMG_0514 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0519 IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0523

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Final Day of the Fiver Challenge

Today was the last day of the Fiver Challenge for Year Four’s Young Enterprise team – what an effort! Thank you to all parents for your support and everyone who visited us to buy one of our products.

We are happy to announce that, in four short weeks, we turned our £40 investment into an amazing £482!


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Race for Life

Many thanks for all the support today when the children completed their Race for Life – 2000 metres. It was tiring work, but they all supported and cheered each other on.




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Y4 Writer of the Week

Congratulations to Adam who is Year Four’s Writer of the Week with his descriptive action scene depicting a super volcano erupting. Well done!

IMG_0500 (1)

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Young Enterprise learn about banking

Year Four’s Young Enterprise team have been extending their understanding of maths and money this week, learning about banking their hard-earned takings by organising floats and using an automatic counting machine.


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Ruby is Year 4’s Writer of the Week

Congratulations to Ruby who is Year Four Writer of the Week for her wonderful Sherlock Holmes character description. Well done!



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Entrepreneurs of the future!


Year Four’s Summer Treats Young Enterprise team have worked their socks off this week and had such a ball in the process!

An amazing £87.60 profit has been made this week after setting up their own business.

We cannot wait to continue with the challenge and learn more.



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Day 1 of the Fiver Challenge in Y4

The Fiver Challenge got off to a flying start today! Well done to the Summer Treats team in Year Four with the grand opening of their business.



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Year 4 ‘s classical music piece of the month!

Year Four’s classical piece for the month of June:

Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture

Full version:

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