QR Code Hunt in Year 4 Blue

In year 4 Blue we have been researching Anglo-Saxon life using iPads and QR Codes.


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6 Responses to QR Code Hunt in Year 4 Blue

  1. Mrs buckley says:

    Thanks year 4, I had no idea how to create a QR code! Now I do! Do you think year 3 would find QR codes interesting? I think we’ll give it a try now with your clear instructions. 😊

  2. Hayley Rostron says:

    Wow! Year 4 I’m very impressed. Very informative and useful to know, it’s almost like magic isn’t it….I especially loved the Tony Hart ‘Gallery’ music in the background. It’s certainly inspired me to use QR codes more often. Thank you!

  3. Deb Lyons says:

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I love using QRCode at the office and when I ask for training feedback I use a QRCode to link to my feedback form. Often teachers are worried about new technologies, so I’m going to share your video with lots of the teachers to show how help these can be.
    Thank you

  4. Yvonne Price says:

    Wow! QR codes looks great fun. Thank you Year 4 for teaching me all about it. I know exactly who to ask if I need any help with QR codes now. Super work! Mrs Price

  5. Miss Riley says:

    Well done Year 4… brilliant presentation!

  6. 118cowells says:

    Well done Year 4! Super learning!
    Mrs Cowell 👍

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