Writer of the week in Y4B!

This week Year 4 Blue have been learning features of a balanced argument text. They then discussed the notion ‘Children should be banned from eating chocolate’ and then wrote a balanced argument based on this.

Well done to Telaya who included key argument openers, clear well-thought arguments for each side and also added a conclusion to her work!

Keep up the fantastic writing!

Writer of the week in Y4B!

Well done to Poppie who is the writer of the week in Y4B!

She has written a fantastic narrative piece based on our class novel ‘How to train your dragon’. She included a range of sentence styles, high level vocabulary and edited her work to improve it.

Keep up the fantastic work – You’re going on the WAGOLL board!

Mount St. Peter’s Erupts!

Well done to our writer of the week, Mia T, who has written a fantastic news report about our imagined volcanic eruption.

Last week, year 4 wrote reports about the recent eruption of Mount St. Peter’s. This┬ánearby volcano threatened to cover much of Farnworth in lava.

Mia used fronted adverbials to make her writing more interesting and conjunctions to add more details.

Keep up the great work!