Chocolate Poetry in Year 4B!

This week in Year 4, the class have been learning all about features of poetry. They have also created their own poems based on what different flavours we might find in Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! First, children tasted some chocolate and popping candy in order to come up with high level vocabulary and adjectives, then they wrote their fantastic poems and included features such as alliteration and rhyme!

Keep up the fantastic work Y4B!




Year 4 Green enjoyed their Farm to Fork experience.

Today, Year 4 Green enjoyed their Farm to Fork experience at Tescos. We were able to try different foods, even some that we had never tried before. We tasted different cheeses, flavoured bread and prawns. We discussed the food groups and how we can eat a healthy diet. We were shown the inner workings of what happens to our food once it reaches the super market. We saw the bakery, the freezer and the warehouse.