Y4B End of year party!

Yesterday, Year 4 Blue had a fantastic party to celebrate their good attendance and the end of the year! I will miss them all very much and have had a fantastic year teaching them! Good luck to you all in Year Five!

Miss Farrell

Science workshop with Mr. B!

What an exciting day Year 4 have had! They have learned a great deal about the Science and history of Electricity and Sound. They have also been experimenting with different equipment such as circuits and reverse music box players – thank you Mr. B!

Writer of the week in Y4B!

This week Year 4 Blue have been learning features of a balanced argument text. They then discussed the notion ‘Children should be banned from eating chocolate’ and then wrote a balanced argument based on this.

Well done to Telaya who included key argument openers, clear well-thought arguments for each side and also added a conclusion to her work!

Keep up the fantastic writing!

Writer of the week in Y4B!

Well done to Poppie who is the writer of the week in Y4B!

She has written a fantastic narrative piece based on our class novel ‘How to train your dragon’. She included a range of sentence styles, high level vocabulary and edited her work to improve it.

Keep up the fantastic work – You’re going on the WAGOLL board!

Writers of the week – Y4B

Well done to Lily and Ellie who are both the writers of the week! Their newspaper reports about a dragon at St. Peter’s were fantastic and included lots of key details and relative clauses which we learned about this week. Keep up the super writing!

Writer of the week in Y4B!

Well done to Alfie who is writer of the week in Year 4 Blue! He wrote a fantastic newspaper report all about Mount Vesuvius erupting in Pompeii. He included key features such as an interesting headline, a by-line and included lots of quotes too.

You’re going on the WAGOLL board!

One goal aspirations day!

Yesterday, Year 4 had an aspirations day with one goal where they learned how to set goals and achieve them. They discussed what they hope to achieve, their goals and what they  can do to help achieve them and completed team building exercises too! What an exciting day!