Year 4 Green enjoyed their Farm to Fork experience.

Today, Year 4 Green enjoyed their Farm to Fork experience at Tescos. We were able to try different foods, even some that we had never tried before. We tasted different cheeses, flavoured bread and prawns. We discussed the food groups and how we can eat a healthy diet. We were shown the inner workings of what happens to our food once it reaches the super market. We saw the bakery, the freezer and the warehouse.

Year 4 Green’s Writer of The Week

Latisha is our writer of the week this week. She has worked extremely hard on her presentation this lesson. She has also included a lot of the new learning from this week in her paragraphs which are organised underneath subheadings.  Well done! Latisha’s next step to make her writing even better is to use sentence starters to vary her writing and to give the reader more information.