Visit from an Opera Singer

This week Y4G had a visit from soprano, Soraya Mafi. We had a music lesson, discussed the importance of mindset and Miss Mafi answered questions about being a singer. Fortunately, the last question from Y4G was, ‘Would you sing us a song?’. Miss Mafi’s rendition of O Mio Babbino Caro by Puccini allowed us all to watch some opera singing up close.

Here are clips from of our version of A Million Dreams and O Mio Babbino Caro.



Writer of the Week in Y4G

Well done to Sofia, who incorporated every part of her WILF this week to produce a fantastic news report.

She included her commas after fronted adverbials such as:

At seven o’clock in the afternoon  the dragon flew over the petrol station.

Our writer of the week also extended her sentences using the word because, which allowed her to give extra reasons and added detail.

Well done Sofia!

Dragon sighting over Farnworth

This week, Year 4G have written news reports about this incredible dragon sighting above St Peter’s Primary School and Long Causeway. After examining a green-coloured dragon egg found nearby, we believe the creature’s usual habitat is forested areas.

Writer of the week Y4G

Imagine a longship with no leaks, no splinters and no wood rot: imagine Jessica’s longships.

Well done to Jessica who is our writer of the week in Y4G! She has worked really hard this week to write a detailed and persuasive Viking advert. Her writing contained a range of sentence styles and adjectives for impact. Keep up the great work!