Writer of the week in Year 4 Blue

Well done to Telaya, who is this weeks writer of the week in Year 4 Blue!

She worked very hard to include a range of sentence styles,  high level conjunctions and subheadings in her information text all about deforestation, which we have been learning about in Science!

Congratulations! You’re going on the WAGOLL wall.

Writer of the week in Y4 Blue!

Well done to Daniel J who has worked really hard this week, writing his diary entry imagining he is Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. He has included a range of temporal conjunctions and adverbial phrases! Great work Daniel – you’re on the WAGOLL wall!



Year 4 Green’s write of the week is Lucas. Well done.

Lucas has worked really hard to include the sentence types and grammar that we have been learning in class which means that he has used a range of sentence structures in his writing. He has included a lot of detail and has really helped the reader to know what it was like to be a Roman soldier in the army. After reading Lucas’ diary entry, do you think that you could be a Roman soldier?