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Fluent in 5  – 5 minute daily maths practise

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Year 4 summer term curriculum information booklet and knowledge fact sheets

Art from Mrs Smith
Y4 The Maya people.
Research and read the story of the Maya twins and draw pictures representing the story and characters.

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Year 4 Home learning timetable

KS2 pick n mix home learning activities

Links to ‘twinkl’ and ‘urbrainy’ print at home worksheets can be found here.

Please click on the link above to take you to the Year 4 home learning timetable for the summer term.

On the timetable you can find lots of links to activities to keep your brain learning and acquiring knowledge over the forthcoming weeks until we are all back in school again. The timetable is structured in line with the school day. Keeping to a routine is good for you and will help to keep your learning habits strong.

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From Mrs Simmons, Mrs Redmond, Mrs Curme and Mrs Williams

Maths task 5 (Friday)

For your final maths task this term, you need to find fractions of quanities. Remember, the number on the bottom is called the denominator and it tells you how many equal pieces or groups to divide the whole into. The number on the top is called the numerator and it tells you how many of those equal pieces or groups to count. You need to divide by the bottom and then multiply by the top.

You will also need to reason and explain your answers- when you are asked to explain why, try to use the word because.

If you have any questions, please ask. Mrs Sharples 🙂

Maths task 4 (Thursday)

Today, you need to order decimals.

Remember, whole numbers go to the left of the decimal point and the numbers to the right of the decimal point show that there are parts of the whole.

Watch this video to help and then scroll down on the web page to try the tasks underneath.

Then, why not try these games? scroll to the games where you need to order decimals less and greater than one shown here:

Remember to ask if you have any questions. Mrs Sharples 🙂

Art/ literacy challenge

Quentin Blake is an artist and
writer, who is perhaps best known
for illustrating Roald Dahl’s stories
and poems. His drawings are easy to
recognise and very funny to look at.

In 2007, Quentin Blake was asked to
design a huge 16-metre-high mural
on fabric to ‘wrap’ an empty building
opposite St. Pancras railway station
in London. Passengers arriving at the
newly opened station are now greeted
by a range of comical characters, eating and drinking, dancing and singing.

Your challenge is to design your own mural to cover up a boring looking
building! You should include characters from Roald Dahl books. You could base the mural on just one book or you could include a mix of characters from different books. What could your characters be doing? How will they interact in the mural? What will bring them together?

Think carefully about which building you would like to ‘wrap’ and why, as well as how to
illustrate the story.

If you can, send your finished designs into the super learner email address, I would love to see them.

Be creative and have fun. Mrs Sharples 🙂

Maths task 3 (Wednesday)

Today, you have to interpret and extract data.

Read the questions carefully so you know which bar chart or pictogram to look at.

Remember to look for a key to know what one picture or symbol represents in the pictograms.

Remember to check the scale on the axis of the bar charts as you interpret them.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Mrs Sharples 🙂

Science challenge

Your last science challenge of the term is to try this quiz.

As you read the questions and look at the pictures, try to think of links to the science topics that you have covered. There might be questions linked to topics that you haven’t covered since Autumn term or ones that you haven’t had the chance to cover yet- don’t worry. If you struggle with any of the questions, you can check your knowledge organisers or look up the answers after.

If you can, do the quiz with someone at home, explain your answers to them.

Remember to ask if you have any questions.

Mrs Sharples 🙂

Final Teams call this Wednesday Y4G

Hi Year 4 Green, this is just a reminder that it will be our last video call this Wednesday at 10am. If you haven’t joined us before, it would be lovely to see you before you move up to Year 5! This weeks quiz is going to be a little different and hopefully lots of fun! I can’t wait to see you all again, Mrs Curme x