Year 5 Blue Road Safety

This week, as part of road safety week at St Peter’s, the children have been thinking about the roads they cross every day. They have linked their thinking to their Topic learning about Human Geography and Farnworth and created guides to local features including the safest and most dangerous roads.

Road Safety in Y5G

This week, all children in Year 5 Green have been developing their understanding of road safety and combining this learning with their current learning about the local area of Farnworth. They have been studying Google Earth in their Digital Literacy lessons and creating short guides about the safe and more busy, dangerous roads in Farnworth, then adding some advice on how to stay safe when crossing in the local area.

3 2 1 . . . Houston, we have a problem!

Following on from their Earth and Space workshop this week, Year 5 “launched” their Forces topic by learning about thrust and gravity as they learnt about how rockets work. They planned their investigation and prepared propellant to send their coke-bottle rockets . . . nowhere.

The experiment did not turn out as planned, however, the children were able to discuss why and plan their next steps in the same way NASA did for years in order to launch Apollo 11.

Look at the disappointment on Mr Lynch’s face!