Our class trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelter

Year 5’s topic work was brought to life on Tuesday when they visited Stockport Air Raid Shelter. Here, they got the chance to explore a public shelter and learn lots about what it was like for English citizens in the Air Raid shelters during World War 2. They also had a great time at the hat museum where they were introduced to the jobs done in Victorian Times and also got the chance to make some felt themselves.
Here is the vlog of our day…

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2 Responses to Our class trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelter

  1. Sharon Goodwin says:

    Looks like you all enjoyed the trip to the air raid shelter, I hope it will help you with your topic work. I look forward to seeing some of your work Year 5!

  2. Mr Dunn says:

    What a fantastic vlog! It looks like you had an amazing time. Can I come on your next trip? Please!!!

    Mr Dunn

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