A special Harmonise poem from Zack

  A magic key was used to unlock our hearts,

   A journey stopping as soon as it starts.

       When we started we did not realise,

   How much we’d come to love Harmonise.

    Suada, Marina Banjo, we will treasure,

      Let’s find peace was such a pleasure.

          Faz, Pat, Rioghnach and the crew,

 Deep in our hearts, we’ll always love you.

         Without you, it seems ever so dark,

Without Zip zap boing, penguin and baby shark.

              Music lives on in our hearts,

Our journey has ended, but another may start.

                                       By Zack

Thank you to Harmonise from Aria

Music fills the air

To the group, thank you so much for coming to our school it was the best 2 weeks of the school year. I hope you come back soon. My favourite part was every second of it. Our last day with you was very upsetting but you will always be in my heart. My confidence wasn’t that strong until I met you my confidence built up every day. Pat I think you are a great drummer, Rioghnach you are a great singer, Faz you are a great beatboxer, Chippe you are a great pianist and Sanya you are a great singer too

From Aria

A message to Harmonise from Alisha

To the team,                                                                                                                                                                          You were the best. I miss you. Why did you have to go? I loved Marriana Banjo. Pat, we were so sad that we couldn’t do baby shark with you on Thursday. Suada was so cool; I loved it. Rioghach I am going to teach my cousins your song. Me and the chirographers are going to make a dance for your song.

 From your Irish friend Alisha xoxo

A thank you to Harmonise from Gabriel



 I love harmonise! It was the best music lesson by far and was really fun. It would not be fun if the wonderful people had not had their amazing personalities.  I would rate it 5 stars because of the great songs and awesome games. All of you are so talented and pats story was so inspiring. Refugees should have more love in the world and be welcomed into the country. I love you  so much!!!

From Gabriel, year 5 blue